Screw This!

As our hot tub installation project approaches completion I’ve been deeply engaged in domestic chores, so you’ll have to excuse my sporadic attendance this week. Even my riding has suffered, and if I want to get a little dirt under my wheels…

…I need to come up with a pretense in order to do so:

Like most Americans, I generally take my four-wheeled gasoline recumbent when I visit stores like these, but like most cyclists when I do take my bike there I get all indignant over the lack of bicycle parking:

Though no doubt Lowe’s corporate suspects I’m not going to purchase some big-ticket item like a golfball-gulping terlet bowl when I’m on my bike:

And that I’m really only there to get some trim:

My purchase fit somewhat awkwardly in my basket:

So I purchased like $40 worth of Whole Foods sushi to snug things up:

Ironically, when you consider the cost of the food and our overfished oceans, driving would have been both cheaper and less impactful on the environment.

Oh well.

At least I made up for it that very evening by going to another large home improvement store in a more sustainable matter:

There’s no way those were getting home on the Platypus.

Speaking of hardware, I’d been disappointed with the grip on my new Stamp 1 pedals, and so I ordered a bag of slightly longer screws (or what pedal companies call “pins”) from a certain online retailer named after a river:

See the difference?

An intelligent person would have used an electric screwdriver or drill to swap out the pins (36 in total!), but I just did it the carpal tunnel-inducing way while I waited for my laundry:

I’ve been putting together lots of furniture lately so I easily transition into repetitive motion mode–though more bike companies should put motivational messages in their instruction manuals, like the ones I encountered while assembling a dresser recently:

I genuinely appreciated them…

…though unfortunately I took the drink advice quite literally and passed out halfway through.

As for the pedals, I’m pleased to report the grip is dramatically improved and they’re now pretty close to the Stamp 2s:

Less than $10 in screws and now a $50 grips like a $90 pedal–and is lighter to boot! Granted, I’m sure there’s already a $50 pedal that grips like a $90 pedal and I could have saved myself the trouble by buying it in the first place, but I prefer to think that I just made $30.

Now to go waste it on something.

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