Totally Out Of It

I didn’t have much time to ride this past weekend, but I did subject the bamboo bars from Passchier to a bit more mild offroading:

The sproingy feel of the bamboo has completely won me over–I’d go so far as to call it delightful–though obviously I can’t speak to their long-term durability. I also have no prior experience with bamboo bicycles or bicycle components, though of course I did have that Renovo for awhile:

That bike rode beautifully, though it did eventually start creaking like a schooner, and in retrospect I should have mounted a Bluetooth speaker on it and played seagull sounds to complete the experience.

Anyway, I’ll continue to use the bars and keep you posted.

Oh, night also fell while I was scampering around back there, so I got a chance to try out this light, which they have me when I tried out those Specialized e-bikes awhile back:

I’m officially spoiled by the fancy dynamo hub on my Rivendell:

But even so it worked pretty well:

Fortunately, today I was finally able to break free of the immediate vicinity of my home, and so I headed up to the Trails Behind The Mall where there was exactly the right amount of snow:

Everybody knows plus-sized tires are “dead,” so you can imagine my shame at leaving behind evidence of how unfashionable I am:

I mean why would you want low-pressure, high-volume tires on snowy trails, right?

If you’re going to embarrass yourself like that you might as well just dispense with dignity altogether and use a kickstand while you’re at it:

Stuff that works is so lame.

Alas, it’s supposed to be much warmer tomorrow, so these ideal trail conditions won’t last, and the roads will be wet with runoff. Moreover, my winter fender bike is still awaiting its new wheels. So, in anticipation of this state of affairs, upon my return from the Trails Behind The Mall I focused my attention on my Rush:

Which I returned to Midlife Crisis mode, complete with strap-on filth prophylactics:

Bikes with really skinny tires are even more unfashionable than bikes with really fat tires.

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