Tappan Into Some New Routes!

Yes, it's Gravel Week here on Bike Snob NYC, and even though I was joking about that when I mentioned it yesterday we might as well just stay with the theme. While I myself do not currently own what the bicycle industry and media typically call a "gravel bike," I have two bikes that are... Continue Reading →

A Grevil By Any Other Name…

It's Gravel Week here on Bike Snob NYC, and so all week long we'll be talking about gravel, and bikes, and gravel bikes, and of course the importance of search engine optimization. So pull up a patch of gravel and let's gravel gravel to the gravel gravel! "Gravel" as it is used in contemporary cycling... Continue Reading →

Local News

I don't know about where you live, but around here if you wanted to see fireworks on the 4th all you had to do was look up: We watched in delight until a colorful scud went careening into a group of picnickers, at which point we adjourned to the safety of our abode. Watching amateur... Continue Reading →

Go *Fourth* And Have A Great Holiday!

^^^^^^DO YOU SEE WHAT I DID THERE???^^^^^^ Fire up the grill, launch some aesthetically pleasing explosives assuming it's permitted in your municipality, and, most importantly, treat yourself to a new motor vehicle by taking on an onerous loan or lease: ["Fuck It, I'm Leasing A Hyundai...For America!"] Sales events like these don't come around often--just... Continue Reading →

Ups And Downs

It's a Sneaker Bike kind of week, and after riding high aloft the mighty cockpit of the Rivendell yesterday, this morning I lowered myself both literally and figuratively by getting back on the vintage mountain bike: While both bikes sport quill stems, the cockpitular similarities between the two ends there, as you can see from... Continue Reading →

High And Dry

This morning I headed out on the Rivendell for the first time since my vacation: Not only is the Rivendell the ultimate Sneaker Bike, but it's also the perfect bike for this juncture in my life: nimble yet comfortable, practical yet pretentious, and, most of all, in no particular hurry. That's not to say you... Continue Reading →

You Gotta Have A Sneaker Bike (Or Several)

Further to yesterday's post, this morning I got in a little gallop on the newly a-tired (DO YOU GET IT???) vintage all-terrain bicycle: This is what a morning ride looks like around here, and for that it was perfect: While I'd been contemplating further "gravel"-ifying the bike with swept bars, I concluded this morning that... Continue Reading →

It’s Friday. You Know What To Do!

Yesterday I mentioned how Cinelli has ripped off the Jones bars. Predictably, this put me in the mood to ride my Jones, so this morning that's what I did: In the days before our once-great society surrendered completely to the World's Scariest Chest Cold, I'd try to get everything squared away so I could treat... Continue Reading →

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