Screw This!

As our hot tub installation project approaches completion I've been deeply engaged in domestic chores, so you'll have to excuse my sporadic attendance this week. Even my riding has suffered, and if I want to get a little dirt under my wheels... ...I need to come up with a pretense in order to do so:... Continue Reading →

Poe-tent Potables

Temperatures this past weekend were in the teens on the American Freedom Degree scale, so I kept my velocipeding offroad and extremely local: Including a little more time on those bamboo bars from Passchier: [This bike really needs a set of silver cranks now, I try not to be superficial but it's preying on my... Continue Reading →

Bamboo You

As I mentioned yesterday, I recently received a pair of bamboo handlebars (why do we think of a single bar as a "pair" anyway?) from Passchier: I knew I'd use these on my artisanal singlespeed mountain bike from Engin: So I opted for the 650 width, since it was close to what I'd already been... Continue Reading →

The Play’s The Thing

As I continue to live in the midst of an ongoing hot tub installation project, my day-to-day affairs are in slightly more disarray than usual. However, limited time and frigid temperatures provide me with a perfect excuse to nip over to the park and trot around for a little bit: Such forays are not, strictly... Continue Reading →

By The Hair Of My Chinny Chin Chin

As the snow fell this morning I took the opportunity to do some maintenance on my Fender Bike: My intent was simply to install the new and much-needed brake pads I'd just received: So I headed to the basement and got to work: I recently decided to start wearing latex gloves when working on my... Continue Reading →

Enjoying The Bridge

This morning I headed out for a short ride: As I rolled along the mighty Hudson River, it occurred to me that it's supposed to snow tomorrow, and that I should make the most of the favorable conditions. So I kept going. After 20-ish miles or so I found myself in South Nyack, a place... Continue Reading →

You Say You Want A Resolution

Hokey as it may be, the beginning of a new year is an opportunity for change and self-improvement, so I'm pleased to announce that this year I've resolved to learn how to ride a bike with flat pedals: More specifically, I'm going to learn how to ride an all-terrain bicycle with flat pedals: My immediate... Continue Reading →

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