Car Ownership: The Scarlet “C”

I've been writing about bikes on the Internet for a long time--going on 14 years, in fact, which is like 50 years in non-digital time. In fact, in an attic somewhere there's an oil painting of my analog self, and it looks like this: While I still consider myself an outsider as far as the... Continue Reading →

Back In The (Leather) Saddle Again

After many weeks of riding my foul-weather bike [insert stock photo]: I recently transitioned to my plastic one: Having spent so much time crouched over those curly-type handlebars like they use in the Tour de France, I wondered if perhaps over the winter I'd reverted irrevocably to Fred-dom. The Lycra, the integrated shifting, the clicky-type... Continue Reading →

Roadies: As Unyielding As Their Comically Oversized Bottom Brackets

After Fredding about on Friday I approached the weekend more casually, remaining within the city limits: And riding in "regular" clothes and shoes: While conditions were mostly moist, the sun was shining when I headed down to Central Park on Saturday: By the way, to reiterate: Anyway, it really is amazing to watch... Continue Reading →

Spring In Your Step

I really hate to get ahead of myself because I know I'll jinx things and send us spiraling back into our arctic nightmare, but there are hints of spring in the air and goddamn it feels good. Yesterday evening I even took the kids out to Orchard Beach, which seemed downright otherworldly as the sun... Continue Reading →

Sign of the Times

Yesterday was a beautiful day here in New York, and I was fortunate enough to spend it on my bike. More specifically, I spent it doing a little bike-themed video project downtown. The video should eventually be on the Internet for public consumption and subsequent ridicule, and I will of course share more details when... Continue Reading →

Ice Ice Baby

It's warming up around here but there's still lots of snow, and yesterday's light rain hardly made a dent in it. However, the rain did result in lots of black ice this morning, and shrewdly I headed out early so I could enjoy it before it melted: I realize this photo looks like I took... Continue Reading →

Still Cold, Go Figure

I completely forgot to mention that Osloh is having a big Presidents' Day Sale! Now through February 18th. That's 25% off orders over $50 using discount code "PD21." (See banner on right-hand side of your screen, or down on the bottom if you're using a mobile device.) Yes, I am still wearing the Lane jeans... Continue Reading →

Ice Road Freds

Sorry I wasn't here yesterday, I had stuff to do: That's not actually my To Do list. You won't catch me doing any of that, because every one of those things is for suckers. SUCKERS!!! I've got your bills and your team meetings right here. [Grabs chamois in taunting fashion.] Alas, the joke's on me,... Continue Reading →

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