Who’s Your Godfather?

Further to yesterday's post, I was unable to return the pad to its carrier despite your helpful suggestions, and so I just stole the pads from this brake instead: They're a little narrower so the little arm thingies stick out a tiny bit, and I could probably fix it with an extra washer or something,... Continue Reading →

Out In The Cold

A picture may be worth a thousand words: But no matter how long you stare at this one there will be three words missing from it, and they are: IT'S FUCKING FREEZING! Also, you could contemplate this one for hours, but you'll never feel or hear the howling Arctic winds off the mighty Hudson: When... Continue Reading →

Proceed With Caution Tape

The world is full of beautiful mysteries that were obviously created by aliens. Stonehenge, the Egyptian pyramids, those crop circles that were briefly popular in the '90s...and these swirls I noticed in the street this morning: These were not the work of a child with a piece of chalk, but they were clearly deliberate, and... Continue Reading →

Birds Of A Feather

Firstly, Bicycling wrote about my helmet video! [Loving the irony of the Buick ad.] The only thing worse than being talked about is being talked about at Bicycling, but only because they spell your name wrong: It's a fitting adjective, but it ain't my name. Secondly, consider the swan: Elegant yet aggressive, it calls to... Continue Reading →

Just Another Old Crank

Firstly, I've got a new Outside column: In it I make the point that every shoe is potentially a cycling shoe, and that when it gets cold you can save yourself a lot of trouble just riding in hiking boots. Meanwhile, as it happens, I saw this comment on a cycling-related website yesterday, and apparently... Continue Reading →

Cycling Is Only As Elitist As You Make It

It's been a warm January, which has allowed me to partake in more road cycling than I might otherwise do at this time of year: As I've written with characteristic insight, road cycling--much maligned for its perceived wankitude--is in fact our most fundamentally accessible form of riding, and this occurred to me yet again this... Continue Reading →

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