Remembrance Of Bikes Past

While I try to be pragmatic about bikes, regarding them merely as functional instruments that are secondary to The Ride, the truth is that even I am prone to fits of nostalgia and occasionally find myself pining for bikes I no longer own. Moreover, even though I currently own more bikes at one time than... Continue Reading →

Hip To Be Square

As a lifelong Monty Python dork I was obviously sad to learn that Terry Jones has died: And so this morning I memorialized him the only way I knew how: Well, to be completely honest, I was heading out for a ride on the Jones when I checked my phone and saw the news, but... Continue Reading →

That's A Wrap!

Last week I posted this picture of my trusty Milwaukee road bike: Which prompted a longtime reader to point out that the bar tape is backwards or upside down or inside out or something. I admit I got a little indignant. Sure, there was a time when my bread and butter was pointing out what... Continue Reading →

It's Friday, Don't Miss The Break!

It's Friday, my head is down, and I'm pedaling furiously to close the gap to the weekend. But before I jump on its wheel, I'd like to direct your attention to the right-hand margin of this blog, where you'll note a new banner from longtime supporter Ben's Cycle. Found it? Good. Now note that it... Continue Reading →

Classic Cycle Thursdays (Cont.)

When last we met I told you about how I had to abort my maiden voyage astride the American M-16 I'd just gotten from Classic Cycles, owing to a bent chain link: Well, this morning I replaced the chain with a new one, upon which I declared the bike to be officially trailworthy. Check out... Continue Reading →

Classic Cycle Thursdays!

Welcome to the first installment of a new feature I'll be calling "Classic Cycle Thursdays." "Uh, but it's not Thursday," you're probably thinking. So what? I just like the way "Classic Cycle Thursdays" sounds. Who cares what actual day it is? Loosen up already--or if it really bothers you don't read it until Thursday. Right,... Continue Reading →

…aaand A New Outside Column!

This latest Outside column is a bit of a departure for me, because I had to do some actual reporting: Rest assured I wore a fedora at all times while working on it. One thing I didn't get into the column is the problem of driving. Certainly the primary issue at hand here is riders... Continue Reading →

New Radio Show!

Good morning! I'm currently wending my way back from Brooklyn, where I just finished the most recent installment of my radio show, which you can listen to here: I have no idea if the above image is appropriate for a terrestrial radio transmission, I'm not a Wavelength Fred. Anyway, if the idea of listening to... Continue Reading →

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