New Outside Column, Old Bikes!

Hey, we can argue about what is and isn't hypocritical all day long--but we can all at least agree that nothing's more hypocritical than a bike blogger who's gotten like five new bikes in the last few months writing a column about how old bikes are better than new bikes: ...though in my defense I've... Continue Reading →

Purple Prose

As I mentioned some time ago, Grant Petersen of Rivendell recently sent me some Soma chainstay kickstands, one of which I put on my RockCombo: Well, this past weekend I received a parcel from Classic Cycle: In which Paul excoriated me for defiling an important piece of cycling history with a non-period correct component: I... Continue Reading →

New Outside Column!

Parenting is hard work. For example, when you fill a cooler full of beverages on a hot day, you've got to make sure they don't accidentally drink the hard seltzer instead of the soda. (They really should make the labeling more obvious.) Also, you've got to prepare them to earn a living and make their... Continue Reading →

The In Crowd

In addition to being a Cool Mom, I'm also a trendsetter: For example, since last November, I've been riding a 1989 Specialized RockCombo: Now look: Did I even know there was such a bike as a RockCombo before Paul from Classic Cycle sent one to me? I did not. Nevertheless, I take 100% credit for... Continue Reading →

Act Your Age, Not Your Cog Size

With my Midlife Crisis Fixie Mark II now complete I embarked this morning upon its maiden voyage. I wanted a flat route, for obvious reasons, and so I headed east towards Pelham Bay Park. There are some beguiling stretches of greenway here: One of which leads right out of the Bronx into Westchester County, which... Continue Reading →

Talking Turkey

The holiday weekend is upon us, but before I go I will conclude my tedious examination of New York State Department of Motor Vehicle registration quirks by sharing the most diminutive "SUBN" vehicle I've found to date: It is a Chevy Aveo, it is tiny as fuck, and I have no idea why it gets... Continue Reading →

When An SUV Is Not An SUV

Today I slipped a way to the forbidding Trails Behind The Mall: Which I accessed by means of a vintage bicycle: As opposed to the hated SUV: The number of sport utility vehicles owned by city residents rose by 21 percent between 2016 and 2020, from 974,359 to 1,180,722, according to state Department of Motor... Continue Reading →

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