The Plot Thickens

This morning I headed out on one of my patented one-hour noodling sessions and noticed more brand-spanking new signage for the so-called "Empire State Trail:" While the newly-paved Putnam Trail through Van Cortlandt Park is a fantastic upgrade, it's also barely more than a mile long, and at this point the 750-mile "Empire State Trail"... Continue Reading →

Classic Cycle Thursdays!

As I mentioned Monday, my latest classic cycle from Classic Cycle is a 1989 Specialized Rock Combo: So yesterday I bundled up and took it out on a proper ride: Clothing choice was important, because not only was it cold, but it was also windy--so windy even the porta-potties had to adapt an aero position:... Continue Reading →

Good Looking Out

It may be better to look good than to feel good: [Warning: Old people reference!] But as I mentioned Monday, thanks to tremendous advances in clothing technology, it is now possible to do both. And while you're accessorizing, remember that pannier I mentioned the other day, the one my wife has been using for years... Continue Reading →

Treading Softly

Further to Tuesday's post, it's clear people have strong feelings about tires: Given how much we rely on our tires, and how much they inform the ride quality of our bicycles, this is no surprise. Furthermore, I'd argue that there's no other component that is more vulnerable to the caprices of fate. Frames, handlebars, saddles,... Continue Reading →

Tires and Attire

This morning I officially acknowledged that I have to give up on the Panaracer Gravel King tires that came on my Rivendell: They are exceptionally light and smooth-riding tires, they're good on a variety of surfaces, and they've been largely trouble-free on country roads. (This includes actual country roads like the ones I ride on... Continue Reading →

One Gear, No Problem

We're enjoying some truly glorious weather here in New York, and I've been taking advantage by running through my various all-terrain bicycles. Having ridden my Jones on Saturday and the American M-16 yesterday, I figured today would be a perfect day to ride my artisanal Engin singlespeed. So I went to add some sealant to... Continue Reading →

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