Mediocrity Goes Electronic

Recently I shared the World's Saddest Kestrel: Well, here's the World's Most Overvalued Kestrel: Our example is from 1990, towards the¬†latter end of the 4000s production, which ended in 1992. Kitted out with Campagnolo Croce D'Aune parts, including the iconic Delta¬†brakes. Croce D'Aune? Fuck that! C-Record or GTFO! By the way, there is much debate... Continue Reading →

Step On Through To The Other Side

Firstly, I'd like to introduce you to a new sponsor, whose banner you'll see over there in the right-hand margin, or at the bottom of the page if you're on a mobile device, or as a tattoo on your forearm if you're using that new brain implant thing: The name says it all...used Dutch bikes,... Continue Reading →

Forever In Blue Jeans

Like most bicycling enthusiasts I used to do all my "real" rides in Lycra. Recently however I've realized I can wear jeans or jorts like 90% of the time, which is the subject of this newly-published column for Outside: This weekend I got to put my money where my mouth is (or at least my... Continue Reading →

Plastic And Foam!

Further to yesterday's post about Plastic Vengeance, my fondness for the bike is deeply at odds with the mix of technical jargon and oenophile-esque pretense that is the crabon bicycle ethos, with which we're all familiar now, but which was first articulated in Kestrel's early catalogs: The Kestrel 4000 launched a thousand one-piece crabon bikes,... Continue Reading →

New Outside Column! Plus Bonus Topical Content!

Firstly, my latest Outside column is perhaps the most profound and insightful bit of film criticism ever written: I realize this tremendously colorful and entertaining column may tempt you to watch the movie, and I strongly suggest you not yield to that temptation, because it's not good and serves only as fertile soil for bike-themed... Continue Reading →

Rearranging Road Furniture On The Titanic

Back in January, we New Yorkers got a brand new mayoral administration, including a new and boldly-bespectacled DOT Commissioner who said they'd fortify our chronically blocked bike lanes in the first 100 days: You wouldn't know it from where I'm sitting, but they did put down some of those big concrete "jersey" barriers here and... Continue Reading →

Reflecting On 15 Years

Today is June 13th, 2022. That means it's been exactly 15 years since I started the BikeSnobNYC blog! As usual, I totally forgot it was my Blog-A-Versary, and in fact I usually miss it altogether. This time though I at least remembered prior to posting. So let's just call this an anniversary post, even though... Continue Reading →

Faster Than A Speeding Turkey

Weather conditions were highly favorable for bicycling today: Once again I rode the Vengeance Bike; partially because I've become quite fond of it, and partially because I've been "busy" (by my standards, not those of a normal productive member of society), and sometimes you just want to be able to cover more miles in less... Continue Reading →

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