The Gravel Road Not Taken

Yesterday afternoon I headed out for a little spin on the Platypus: As I rode, I noticed these splotches of bright orange: While it doesn't come across from my poor photography, they seemed almost phosphorescent, as though some sort of radioactive dinosaur had been marking its territory: But then I noticed that I cast a... Continue Reading →

Smoke On The Water

Yesterday evening I stepped out onto the street and wondered, "Who's barbecuing?" Of course it was not a barbecue at all; it was smoke from the Canada, where I guess they forgot to stuff a rolled-up towel into the crack of their dorm room door, and everywhere the panicked citizenry of New York was packing... Continue Reading →

Ridiculing You In Order To Save You

Every so often, science likes to saunter along and nerd-splain something to you that you knew all along. Flush with funding, researchers have made stunning discoveries, such as "people like chocolate," and "cats can slip through small openings." Now humanity can bask in the glory of yet another Breakthrough of the Completely Obvious, for the... Continue Reading →

Feeling Shifty

Whatever you think of Campagnolo, for many years their components were undeniably elegant: Their skewers had sexy cutouts in them, and it's said the radius of the curve was modeled upon the manner in which one would cup one's hand when drinking from a crystalline stream: Their grease port clips made it look like their... Continue Reading →

Seeing Red

Well, I'm officially "that guy." Who's "that guy?" Well, the guy in Lycra sitting in the waiting room at the garage waiting for his car, of course: Gross. My hope was that that it would be ready by the time I was done riding and I could grab my shoes and modesty shorts out of... Continue Reading →

Look Who Got A Makeover!

Back in March I sent my Milwaukee back to Ben's Cycle for refinishing: While I don't keep track of these things, since receiving it back in 2015 it may have been my most-ridden bicycle, since a road bike with long-reach brakes (technically medium-reach if you're pedantic) is up for pretty much anything. However, as a... Continue Reading →

Playing It Cool

In last Friday's post I included a news story in which a Fred collided with a bear. Well, that very same day I had an equally harrowing encounter when I was very nearly attacked by a goose: You can be certain that when I saw the geese I gave them plenty of room. For one... Continue Reading →

BSNYC Friday Fun Quiz!

Memorial Day weekend is upon us, and I can feel you've got antses in your chamoiseses, but you're not going anywhere until you finish this quiz. So sit still dammit! Of course it's also Fleet Week here in New York, and they no longer close the west side path to cyclists while it's happening, which... Continue Reading →

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