BSNYC Friday Fun Quiz!

Okay, let's do this. READ! ...the question. THINK! ...with your brain. CLICK! ...on your answer. If you're right you'll know, and if you're wrong you'll see cycling American style. Thanks very much for reading, ride safe, and make sure you upgrade to the very latest in full-suspension carbon fiber technology. It's the best way to... Continue Reading →

Compliance Junction, What’s Your Function?

When you think "boring bikes," you often think about hybrids, but I am of the opinion that the most boring type of bicycle by far is the full-suspension mountain bike: Please note that I don't mean they're boring to ride--obviously people get up to all sorts of shred-o-riffic gnar-tastic douchery on these things and give... Continue Reading →

Working On My Night Moves

One of the more entertaining aspects of being a semi-professional bicycle blogger is occasionally eavesdropping on the rabble while they talk about you: Silly Redditor, I never said driving a car in New York City is good. Anyway, as TMLCSIATL (that's "The Most Legit City Slicker In All The Land," of course), I'll whip out... Continue Reading →

I’m Going To Town On This Thing

I'm proud of so much of what I've accomplished over the years, but I'm perhaps most proud of being declared "the most legit city slicker in all the land" by this guy: I'm talking about the guy in the sunglasses, not the guy with all the forehead tattoos. By the way, the above ads were... Continue Reading →

The Hard And The Soft Of It

Between the colors and the leaky sinuses there's no denying that spring has sprung: And so what better way to celebrate than to ride an actual spring? I'd be lying if I were to tell you the Softride had been my first choice of bike for my Sunday ride. However, after reconfiguring the cockpit there... Continue Reading →

Off With Their Heads!

I take few aspects of my life more seriously than I do my position as the Classic Cycles Old Crap Test Pilot. Sure, being a parent's moderately important to me, and I also don't fuck around when it comes to watching TV, but other than those two things nothing else comes close. This is no... Continue Reading →

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