New Outside Column!

I've got a new posting on the Outside's website, in which I express the now-controversial opinion that you should know how to fix your own flat on a bike: I'd say this will get me excommunicated from the Smugness Society, but evidently that's already happened: Unfollowed or muted, sure, but blocked? That's cold. As for... Continue Reading →

All Roads Lead To All-Road

I'm pleased to report the singlespeed mountain bike I put together for my son last week suits him quite nicely: Forcing your kids to ride bikes equipped with primitive 20th century technology is like making them use a phone like this instead of a smartphone--which I also do, of course: Sure, they can't download apps,... Continue Reading →

Problem Solved

Further to yesterday's post, this afternoon I took the latest parts bike out for a shakedown ride: [Believe it or not this bike is steel. Even aluminum bikes are like, "Those are some fat frame tubes!"] You'll be pleased to know that I finally solved my disc brake switching them for rim brakes: When... Continue Reading →

Son Of Singlespeed

It's getting colder, which means I'm spending less time on the road and more time on the dirt: Unlike those silly people who live downtown, I'm fortunate to have easy access to a variety of trails. By now I figured I knew every inch of dirt from the Bronx to the Tappan Zee Mario Cuomo... Continue Reading →

Musical Bars

Where I ride, in the wild lands immediately north of the city, you are liable to see all sorts of animals. There's the deer: The hawk: And of course the Platypus: I've been doing a lot of bicycle fine-tuning lately. However, the Platypus was one bike I felt was...well, you never like to say "perfect,"... Continue Reading →

Getting Back To Your Roots

I'm not one to get excited over lube (OH GROW UP), but awhile back Dumone Tech sent me a box of the stuff, and I have to say it's quite good. While admittedly there's still a bunch of stuff I haven't tried yet (I rarely wash my bikes so anything intended for cleaning is going... Continue Reading →

Cars And Bikes And Things That Go

I don't know where Frederick is but if you do this is quite a deal: Take it from me, as the world's foremost vintage mid-range bonded aluminum road bike enthusiast I know what I'm talking about: It looks like they got rid of the Biopace (sacrilege!), but it does still have the original pie plate,... Continue Reading →

Dropping Out

Yesterday I enjoyed a ride upon autumn's crunchy carpet: And passed the following sign: Once upon a time if you wanted privacy you put up some drapes. Now I guess you turn a swath public property into the Shunan Bamboo Forest and ask everybody to please leave it alone: I don't know what kind of... Continue Reading →

The Ride Of A Life Time

Further to yesterday's post, I noted that I was taken by the description of garvel racing as "an elite contest underwritten by the people who lose." I also pointed out the following in a recent Outside column about garvel: What I hadn't done until now is spent much time on the Life Time Group Holdings... Continue Reading →

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