Holy Crap, Is It Friday Already?

Time flies when you're having...well, it flies, anyway. Speaking of stuff that flies: I saw that hawk in Van Cortlandt Park a few days ago while out on my Rivendell. What day was it exactly? I couldn't begin to tell you. But I do love a good hawk sighting--though I'll never come close to taking... Continue Reading →

When The Car Is Away The Bikes Will Play

Some ideas that seem stupid are merely ahead of their time. One such item is the "Outlaw Hoodie," which featured an integrated mask, and which I included in a hooded sweatshirt round-up way back in 2007: Sadly this garment is no longer available, having vanished in this mists of time along with so many other... Continue Reading →

Pointing Fingers The Wrong Way

With the world going to heck in an artisanal basket out there I was surprised to see the New York Times slip this odd bit of bike lane agnosticism into the paper yesterday: Are bike lanes safe? Well, they're certainly safe-er. Some years back the city found that streets with bike lanes see something like... Continue Reading →

Another New Outside Column!

Hey, look at that, another new Outside column already! Policymakers seem to assume bike shops are novelty businesses. However they tend to forget there are essential workers out there who depend on their bicycles and need them serviced, whereas frivolous cyclists such as myself are more than capable of rubbing Proofide into our own saddles:... Continue Reading →

New Outside Column!

As a long-time recluse I take riding alone for granted, but I also know people who avoid doing so at all costs, and if you're one of them maybe my new Outside column will help: Even I, seasoned solo rider that I am, find myself appreciating it anew during these pandemical times. For example, this... Continue Reading →


With all this crap going on it's easy to forget that it's spring, and yesterday I stopped to appreciate this duck couple enjoying their own private pond: I like to think they've got a nest somewhere, and that soon the mother will be leading a procession of ducklings. War, pestilence, famine..at least there's always comfort... Continue Reading →

What Day Even Is This?

It's getting to be like Groundhog Day at this point: It's getting to be like Groundhog Day at this point: Not like I ever get tired of riding the Rivendell, it's just that everything else is getting rather tedious. Sure, I never went anywhere or did anything anyway, but the whole point of living in... Continue Reading →

New Radio Show!

Nobody's allowed in the studio so I stayed home and we did it via smartphone app instead: So in other words I could have been sleeping in all this time and doing the show from bed in my underpants. Goddamn it. Of course I do enjoy my weekly Bronx/Brooklyn round trip, but in the meantime... Continue Reading →

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