Cannot Stop The Battery

Firstly, I'd like to thank the anonymous commenter who designed a headbadge for my fledgling bike company: It's as classy as the bonded aluminum bikes it will adorn. Secondly, after a long stretch of riding road bikes I slid into a bathtub full of warm mac and cheese over the weekend and boy did it... Continue Reading →

Shifting Into The Weekend

In my last post, I mentioned that oh-so-whimsical (aren't they all?) New Yorker cover: As it happens, I too went to the beach yesterday, along with my wife and younger son. In fact, I went to more or less the same beach as the one in the cover. However, instead of riding a circa-2007 Brooklyn... Continue Reading →

Waiting For The Other Shoe

Well, I'm halfway into my second week of consecutive rides on the Vengeance Bike: This is less about a lifestyle change and more about my current schedule requiring me to ride early in the morning and a road bike being the most effective way of banging out a few miles. (Also, the Vengeance Bike is... Continue Reading →

Roam If You Want To

This past weekend I was in a popular vacation spot where I spotted this note-perfect replica of the Wagon Queen Family Truckster: The verisimilitude was staggering: Naturally I was delighted and found it hilarious, though by the next day it became apparent to me that the guy just drives around day in and day out... Continue Reading →

The Prodigal Fred

For all my derision when it comes to road bikes and the concomitant clothing and accessories, I must admit it's always been there for me. "It's hangers that clothe you, hangers that feed you!," yells an enraged Dave Whiteman at his unappreciative, angst-ridden son in the movie "Down And Out In Beverly Hills." (I can't... Continue Reading →

Shifting Of Champions

Further to my last post about a certain triangular brake... ...I fell into a Delta-shaped rabbit hole after a reader suggested my brake pads were on backwards. In fact, they are not on backwards, but the reader thought they were since the open end of a pad holder should point towards the rear of the... Continue Reading →

What Lies Beneath

The Tour de France--well, the men's one anyway--ended this past weekend, and for the first time in awhile I more or less followed it from start to finish, give or take a few stages. Cycling fans are incredibly pretentious when it comes to how they watch the Tour ("I can't stand American commentary, I only... Continue Reading →

New Outside Column!

Just when you think a washed-up semi-professional bike blogger can't find anything more to complain about, here I come with a new Outside column about how bicycle gears are getting too darn low: I mean obviously it's way more nuanced than that, but I've been spending a lot of time on the Vengeance Bike: And... Continue Reading →

Summertime Blues

Yesterday I pointed out that we have a dysfunctional relationship with the weather. Then, today, I wake up and see this: Wait, what? It's a hot summer day. It might rain. 1/10? The vibes are...bad??? Fucking SpongeBob?!? What the fuck are they talking about? Now, I realize I have a youthful appearance and demeanor: But... Continue Reading →

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