This past holiday season my wife got me a pair of winter cycling boots for Festivus: While it's not been much of a winter in New York, we have had our share of cold days, and the boots have been fantastic. In fact they've proven to be one of the most useful cycling accessories I've... Continue Reading →

Life Is A Downgrade

Early yesterday morning, the cold feeling like an insult to bones still warm with the heat they absorbed during vacation, I pointed my bike in a downtown direction and set out for my radio show. Then, a few miles in, I got a text informing me that the phones were down at the station. And... Continue Reading →


Not only is it Friday, but next week the schools are closed here in New York, which means so am I. So while I may pop in if there's a new Outside column to share or anything like that, for the most part you shouldn't expect to hear from me until Monday, February 24th. Oh,... Continue Reading →

Of Forests And Trees

I don't know how to feel about the fact that the comment section of yesterday's post degenerated into a tiny whirlpool of terminal foot Fred-dom: Good lord, all I said was it rained and my foot got wet! Don't take this personally or anything, and I love each and every one of you, but holy... Continue Reading →

Laying On Of Hands

Further to Friday's post, in which I mentioned sponsor discount codes, Classic Cycles is getting in on the act too! However, in keeping with the whole "classic" theme, they will be offering an analog discount code this month. Here's how it works: Go to Classic Cycles (the actual shop, which exists in three dimensions on... Continue Reading →

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