Rack Attack

This week has been harder to get a handle on than one of these things: By the way, I knew that I wanted to compare this week to one of those things but I had no idea what to call it, so here's how I found it: Don't let anyone ever tell you the Internets... Continue Reading →

Drop Bar Days

Like the moon, an insect, or a petulant teenager, I tend to go through phases, and for the past few days I seem to be in a drop bar phase: However, I'm also in a friction shifter phase, which means I've been alternating between the Normcore Nostalgia Bike and the Vengeance Bike: The former I... Continue Reading →

Feeling The Friction

The other day I mentioned horses, which prompted some horse-related commentary in the, uh, comments: It will probably shock you to learn that I don't own a horse. As a member of a horse-free household, I am inclined to agree that giant skittish flatulent four-legged shitbags are perhaps accorded a bit more latitude and indulgence... Continue Reading →

Me And Tullio Down By The Schoolyard

In yesterday's post, I shared my thoughts on the storied Campagnolo Delta brake: Why people call it the "Delta" when it looks exactly like the Tin Man's hat is beyond me: In fact, between the hat and the built-in grease ports you probably won't be surprised to learn the Tin Man was designed by Tullio... Continue Reading →

Whoever Smelted It Delta’d It

I'm not the smartest person in the world. For example, see these cans? I often manage to confuse them when I grab them out of the refrigerator door, especially when I've woken up thirsty: There's nothing worse than seltzer first thing in the morning. Eeew, gross! Similarly, last week I noticed the derailleur on the... Continue Reading →

Just Tooling Around

As I mentioned the other day, one amusing aspect of cycling is that some people get offended when you suggest you don't have to wear Lycra, as though suggesting it's fine to ride around in a T-shirt is itself a form of elitism. One tortured line of reasoning for this seems to be that only... Continue Reading →

Thumbing My Gears At The Establishment

Further to yesterday's post, I completely forgot to highlight the most salient aspect of that vintage bonded aluminum Trek: Specifically, not only is it virtually untouched, but it has apparently spent the last 33 years hermetically sealed in a "man cave:" 1988 trek 1000 aluminum, so. 56, ridden once in as new condition. This bike... Continue Reading →

Twiddling My Thumbies

Further to Friday's post, the rain continued through most of the weekend: Though I didn't mind the excuse to ride my be-fendered RockCombo, which has come together quite nicely, and which, despite being merely an asterisk* in the Specialized product line, has proven to be anything but an evolutionary dead end: Also continuing to evolve... Continue Reading →

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