High Anxiety

In the move "Goodfellas," Nora Ephron's enduring classic in which Meg Ryan and Billy Crystal play platonic friends who eventually become lovers, there's the scene in which Henry Hill finally gets busted and, in a voiceover, says the following: For a second, I thought I was dead, but when I heard all the noise I... Continue Reading →

Gravel Is The New Macadam

Back in the late 19th century, when our velocipedal forebears roamed the earth, the most precious of all resources was the paved, or "macadamized," road: See, roads in those days were still all rutted and full of hoofprints or whatever, so when word spread that someone had laid down some fresh madacam, proto-wankers like the... Continue Reading →

What’s Old Is Old Again

Further to Friday's post, I read a CyclingTips review of the new wireless shifty stuff from SRAM which reaffirmed my suspicion that I am not part of the target market: If you want to use the so-called “mullet” drivetrain setup that’s becoming increasingly popular in the gravel market, the procedure to pair the Rival AXS... Continue Reading →

I Am What I Am

Over the years, you get to know yourself--not the person you wish you were, or think you should be, but the person you really are, way down inside. For example, I've finally made peace with the fact I'll never be successful at bike racing, a pastime to which I've dedicated considerable time and energy over... Continue Reading →

BSNYC Product Review: Spring 2021

As you're no doubt aware thanks to all the media hype, the 2021 edition of Spring has "dropped" (except in the Southern Hemisphere, and places where it's unavailable like the desert or wherever). I've been testing Spring 2021 since March 20th, and while it's still fairly early I figured I might as well share some... Continue Reading →

Rock The Combo, Rock The Combo…

They say you should never read the comments, but I did glance at the ones at the bottom of my YouTube video yesterday, and I was pleased to find they were insightful as always: Saying a fixie isn't a fixie because it has brakes is like saying a sandal isn't a sandal because you're wearing... Continue Reading →

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