River To Sound Via Rivendell

Well, the week got away from me like a fish in knee-deep water. Speaking of which, remember how I went for a swim a couple weeks ago? Well, I did it again today, but with a few crucial differences. For one thing, I rode my Platypus, and for another I had company: Also, we set... Continue Reading →

It’s All Uphill From Here

Having anointed my Jones as this year's Vacationcycle, today I took a ride on my A. Homer Hilsen to remind myself what I'll be missing: The free piece of exercise equipment nobody wants is a common sight in suburbia, and it's especially ironic here as the house to which this elliptical once belonged is situated... Continue Reading →

Vacationating The Jones

As I mentioned last whatever, I have decided to take my Jones LWB* with me on my summer vacation this year. This is a tremendous honor for the Jones, though I do worry that it may have sown resentment among my other bicycles, and I wouldn't be surprised if I go into my Bike Vault... Continue Reading →

New Outside Column!

It's Friday! I give you all permission to shirk whatever responsibilities you may have and go for a ride--but only after you read my latest column for outdoor media behemoth Outside: It's one part Grant Petersen propaganda and one part an attempt to reconcile my own increasing predilection for comfortable bicycles by adding them to... Continue Reading →

Back On Track

Sorry, for my absence, unless you didn't notice it, in which case I retract my apology. Either way, in a sublime bit of irony, I was sitting in traffic so that my son could ride a bicycle at Kissena Velodrome in Queens: That bicycle being the Frejus, Jr. from Classic Cycle, who had better reimburse... Continue Reading →

Casting Call

We can argue all day over how many bikes you should own, but I'd say your portfolio is incomplete without a "Well-Worn Jeans Bike:" So what's a Well-Worn Jeans Bike? It's one that's extremely broken in, which makes it comfortable, but which also makes you a little uneasy because once a pair of jeans gets... Continue Reading →

Combos Cheeses Your Hunger Away

It's been a RockCombo kind of a week, and despite the heat I finished this one off with one of my favorite Off-Road Liteā„¢ routes: Unlike yesterday, I did not incorporate a swim, though I definitely thought about it: Ultimately, for the sake of the residents of Irvington, NY, I decided not to contaminate their... Continue Reading →

The More Things Change…

While I may not have gotten in any "big" rides in over the weekend, it was quality and not quantity that defined my velocipedal endeavors. On Saturday, before heading out to the beach, I enjoyed some time on my State Of The Art Gravel Bike: And on Sunday I took in the Bronx and Upper... Continue Reading →

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