Overthinking It

When you get really into cycling it can be far too easy to get caught up in the minutiae of things that ultimately have little to no effect on your cycling enjoyment. A millimeter difference in frame geometry here or there, subtle changes in crabon layup, the odd addition or subtraction of a gram of... Continue Reading →

Outside Is Out, Inside Is In

Further to yeserday's post, I totally forgot to mention our bucolic wildlife sighting: Which is especially noteworthy because these are honest-to-goodness Bronx deer: We were charmed by this woodland tableau, but I know it's no longer acceptable to enjoy anything innocently, so I'm sure someone will explain to me how urban wildlife sightings such as... Continue Reading →

Darkest Before The Dawn

Riding a bicycle is like life itself: balance is key, you should always move forward, and ideally it should be free from crotchal discomfort. As far as the the moving forward part, that's true both literally and figuratively, and if you're going it right you're not only discovering new landscapes but also learning new things... Continue Reading →

When Words Lose All Meaning

As a middle-aged schlub I can do little more than watch from the sidelines as my hair falls out an my knees creak like a press-fit bottom bracket. What I can do, however, is attempt to keep my brain nimble and prevent my overall attitude from ossifying. To that end, I try to at least... Continue Reading →

Alternate Whine Parking

Every few weeks an egg timer goes off on some editor's desk and some local news outlet runs another story about how it's hard to park your car in New York City. Here's the latest one from the Times: For weeks last fall, a flood of new cars had been filling up parking spaces in... Continue Reading →

Rolling Into The New Year

Hey, look at that, it's 2021! Twenty years after that famous movie and still no commercial space flight: What a fucking ripoff. Speaking of grip, as I mentioned last year, I got some new tires for Christian Hanukkah: Rene Herse are probably the most talked-about bicycle tires since John Boyd Dunlop came up with the... Continue Reading →

All I Got For Chrismas

So look what I got for Christmas! While I usually just ask Santa for socks and underwear, this year I figured I'd see what all the fuss was about and so I put a pair of boutique Rene Herse tires on my list. Not only that, but I also got some fancy new pedals to... Continue Reading →


Good morning! Not like you needed to know anything more about me, but Bicycling have been kind enough to publish my strange, erotic journey from Milan to Minsk: Sorry, make that my trite, predictable journey from solitary bike dork to solitary bike dork. I've always been a Lone Wolf at heart: Remember when I used... Continue Reading →

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