I Wrote Another Thing For Bicycling!

There's a scene in the "Bubble Boy" episode of "Seinfeld" where George and Susan arrive at her father's cabin after a long drive only to find it on fire. As Susan reacts in horror to the conflagration, George says to her, "I just realized you never gave me back the change from the toll." Anyway,... Continue Reading →

Knocking Around

Further to yesterday's post, another fundamental difference between the Jones and the Rivendell is that, while both beg to be ridden far and wide, the Rivendell is equally conducive to short, aimless wanderings close to home, which is what I used it for this morning: Way back towards the hindquarters of the Dachshund of Time,... Continue Reading →

I’ve Got a Jones…For Fat Tires

Among my many velocipedes, perhaps none of them has suffered as much from the current state of affairs than my Jones LWB: This bicycle (as well as the Jones SWB that proceeded it) was a revelation to me in terms of comfort, versatility, and performance. While my lifestyle and aversion to "roughing it" meant I... Continue Reading →

Memorial Day Musings

When it comes to the practical aspects of living life, I am a pretty cautious individual. As far as exposing yourself to physical harm or legal liability, there's a spectrum: on one end is Keith Richards, and on the other end is Mr. Rogers. And while I've engaged in some naughtiness over the years just... Continue Reading →

Wheels On The Bike

After three days of singlespeeding interrupted only by a Monday morning jaunt on the Rivendell, I reverted to Fred mode this morning and headed out on my New-To-Me Titanium "Forever Bike:" This bicycle wears two pairs of shoes; the once ubiquitous and now dated Mavic Scaryums that were originally on it when I received it... Continue Reading →

New Outside Column!

Hey, look, I've got a new Outside column up! Yes, my column has been furloughed, but I wrote this back in February and they're only just publishing it now. Please note that if I were in charge of headlines I would not have specified 5mph, since that's kind of like telling people not to steal... Continue Reading →

On Sucking, And Sucking It Up

Further to yesterday's post, some of you expressed concern over my funky-ass steerer: I thought nothing of the rust myself, but you managed to give me second thoughts, so I dropped Drew Guldalian (he built the bike) a line to see what he thought. His advice was to sand it with 100 or 120 grit... Continue Reading →

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