Waiting For The Sun

I ride bikes for a lot of reasons, but fundamentally only one of them matters: It makes me happy. Sure, it keeps me fit. (Relatively speaking, of course. I'm not that fit, but I'm certainly more fit than I'd be if I derived most of my enjoyment from a more sedentary pastime, such as knitting... Continue Reading →

So Little Time

Well, another weekend has come and gone and I've once again failed to get caught up on the Tour de France--though I did briefly watch the NBC Sports commentary team talking about the most recent stage after it had finished, and I'm clearly missing an exciting race: Actually I don't have FOMO so much as... Continue Reading →

Do Not Enter

Last week I mentioned that over the holiday weekend I was hoping to get caught up on the Tour de France. Yeah, that didn't happen. I really wanted to watch, but the best I managed was to have the race on in the background while I prepared to do other stuff. As for watching later,... Continue Reading →

So Many Bikes, So Little Integrity…

When I returned home from my vacation I found a landscape transformed...a world turned upside down...a Yonkers that apparently now has [dripping blood letters] BIRD SCOOTERS [/dripping blood letters]: If you're unfamiliar with New York City-area geography, Yonkers is the city a mere mile and a half from my abode, and I pass through it... Continue Reading →

Well, I’m back…

Hello! I'm back from vacation (which feels weird to type since I'm a semi-professional bike blogger so what am I "vacationing" from, really?), and I gotta tell you it's sooo great to be home because I really missed traffic lights. Once again, I committed to the Rivendell for the duration of my trip, and once... Continue Reading →


Well, I'm splitting like Tesla stock. Yes, after today, I'll be moving the friction shifter of life into "family vacation mode." And while I may pop in here now and again if I've got something pressing to share (e.g. a bear attacks me and I fight it off with my Rivendell) you won't be hearing... Continue Reading →

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