Classic Cycle Thursdays!

As you know, I have been in possession of a 1975 Teledyne Titan, on loan from the vast collection of the bicycle museum at Classic Cycle: It's almost time to return this exotic noodle to Bainbridge Island, and today I wanted to take it for one more ride before doing so. Unfortunately, it was quite... Continue Reading →

Basket Case

While many cyclists relate to that whole "n+1" thing whereby you always want one more bike, as a washed-up bike blogger with no shortage of bicycles I'm much more taken by the idea of "n-1," in that I perpetually fantasize about reducing my overall number of bikes. Oh sure, there are still some bicycles I... Continue Reading →

Bigger Fish To Fry

Further to yesterday's post, we got another fish yesterday! My son hooked this one and even reeled it in through a bed of water lilies. Clearly I need to equip my Rivendell with a wicker creel: My transformation into a middle-aged artisanal fop is nearly complete--though this morning I did don the Lycra and set... Continue Reading →

Bridge Over Fredly Water

As I increasingly default to upright riding: I am relieved to find that my new predilections have not rendered my entire Fredly wardrobe obsolete. Consider for example this vest from Pearl Izumi, which I received one year ago: Well, now that it's vest weather again, I'm finding it's equally at home with more casual attire:... Continue Reading →

This Just In: Water Is Wet

Well, Rivendell Week has come to a premature end. This is because the forecast called for rain today, and so I rode my rain bike instead: [That may look like a bad fender line, but it's actually set up like that because wind tunnel tests have revealed it's more aero.] It was still dry when... Continue Reading →

Papa’s Got A Brand New Bag

Hello! It's Rivendell Week here on Bike Snob NYC! Not only did our household net a new Clem Smith, Jr., but I also installed a new Sackville BagBoy on my own bicycle yesterday: Which until now was woefully naked and lacking in cargo space: I mean everybody knows a Rivendell is supposed to have lots... Continue Reading →

What’s Old Is New Is Old Is New Again

Well, it's been a weird-ass year, and so it's only fitting that after years of aerodynamic plastic "modules" the "most exciting new road bike of 2020" is "not aero" and "not for racing:" Yes, meet the Specialized Aethos, the bike with a name that sounds like a breath mint: It's got round tubing, no proprietary... Continue Reading →

Just Following Up

In yesterday's post, I claimed I wouldn't hesitate to do a long mixed-terrain ride in those Vulpine cycling jeans. Well, today I did just that, pairing them with a Merino Long Sleeve Polo: And perching myself atop the American M-16 for a 40-ish mile excursion: This bike is lots of fun for scurrying up and... Continue Reading →

Rolling Billboard

Early this morning I took a short spin on the American M-16, because everybody needs a sneaker bike: As I threw on some clothes and headed out the door, I realized that I was, quite by accident, clad head to toe (or at least neck to toe) in clothing that various marketing people have sent... Continue Reading →

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