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“Special Use”

Over the last few days I've been feeling extremely pleased with myself--smug, even--as I ride around on my Rivendell with little in the way of Fredly accoutrements: Also, as a semi-professional bike blogger who ostensibly tests stuff, I should point out that I'm wearing the Vulpine Mens' Merino Crew Tee as well as their merino... Continue Reading →

Put Some Gravel In Your Ear

Yesterday, while riding my gravel bike, I had a revelation: Riding on gravel is So Hot Right Now. We all love it. But why do we love it? Is it the lack of motor vehicle traffic? The bucolic scenery? The inevitable effect of the collective cycling consciousness as it finally loosens its universal sphincter after... Continue Reading →

Harshing My Mellow Revisited

There has been considerable hand-wringing recently over police use of bicycles as a form of crowd control, and yesterday Mellow Johnny's bike shop announced they will no longer service the bicycles of the Austin Police Department: Here's more from the Austin Statesman: Including some background from the department's bicycle buyer: “For the past... Continue Reading →

Decisions, Decisions

As I mentioned in my last post, I recently undertook a whirlwind of bicycle maintenance, during which I tuned up two (2) bicycles. Since then, I've discovered that one of those bikes is still not even rideable yet. Moreover, I have still more bicycles I haven't even touched yet, and most of them also require... Continue Reading →

Doing Yourself A Disservice

Last Friday I set out on my Milwaukee, a truly superb bicycle that, despite its pedigree, has taken on the unglamorous role of my wet-weather workhorse: As I was reveling in its composed character, which was readily apparent even beneath a thick coating of grime, I became aware of slowly-emerging flat tire situation on the... Continue Reading →


Further to yesterday's post about the most-hyped wheeled conveyance since the new Ford Bronco, a commenter raised a compelling question: When did it become "normal" for Pro level bikes to cost close to $12,000?.......I can remember when Pro level bikes cost close to $2,500. It certainly does seem as though road bike prices keep reaching... Continue Reading →

Legendary Hack

Further to Friday's post, this past weekend, at considerable expense, I hired a team of professional photographers to chronicle my first ride in the Brancale Dynamic II bicycle-riding shoes: We had one photographer on the back of a Ducati who got shots of the upper: Then we got a street luge rider with a GoPro... Continue Reading →

From Shoddy To Shod

For most people in cycling media, posting a selfie like this would be career suicide: In my case, things work a bit differently. For one thing, I no longer have a career to kill, so who's winning now? For another, see the logo on the helmet, just above my furrowed brow? Well, it's the marque... Continue Reading →

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