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Playing It Cool

In last Friday's post I included a news story in which a Fred collided with a bear. Well, that very same day I had an equally harrowing encounter when I was very nearly attacked by a goose: You can be certain that when I saw the geese I gave them plenty of room. For one... Continue Reading →

BSNYC Friday Fun Quiz!

Memorial Day weekend is upon us, and I can feel you've got antses in your chamoiseses, but you're not going anywhere until you finish this quiz. So sit still dammit! Of course it's also Fleet Week here in New York, and they no longer close the west side path to cyclists while it's happening, which... Continue Reading →

Deflationary Spirals

Further to yesterday's post, it looks like the ER missed a fracture after all. Fortunately it sounds like some quality sling time should take care of it. But the offroad division of Team Tan Tenovo will have to wait just a little bit longer to fight another day: Meanwhile, someone's got to do some riding... Continue Reading →

Soft Rides, Hard Landings

This past Friday, Outside posted my latest column, which is about why bike racing is good: It's now Monday, and I take it all back. Well, okay, not really, but the timing is all rather ironical, because the very next day my elder son and I headed out to a mountain bike race on Long... Continue Reading →

Spatial Awareness

One of the best things about living in a big city is that nobody's selfish when it comes to using public space: The Department of Sanitation has marked this bicycle as "derelict," and the owner (or at least I'm assuming it's the owner) is none too pleased: Well, I'm afraid I'm going to have to... Continue Reading →

You Wanna Medal Or A Monument?

Not too long ago I mentioned that for years now I've been unwittingly riding right past not only a ghost train station but a monument to Confederate war veterans. Well, yesterday morning I found myself in that same spot once again. So I figured I'd go check out the monument: Even I, a strident cyclist,... Continue Reading →

Hither and Thither

Firstly, further to yesterday's post, I'd like to thank all of you who mentioned the many memes ("many memes" is fun to say) I heedlessly omitted: I'd also like to thank the commenter who created this: I'll be selling a limited run of signed* full-sized prints at $2,500 a pop. *[Signed by Bib Shorts Guy,... Continue Reading →

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