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Moving Tributes

I was using a popular music streaming service recently when, after the Frank Zappa album I was listening to ended, it started playing something by a guitarist named Allan Holdsworth. I'm sure the Guitar Freds will scoff at the fact that I was unfamiliar with him, but in any case in perusing his song titles... Continue Reading →

Two For One

When we last met I'd equipped my artisanal singlespeed mountain bike with a "dinglespeed" drivetrain, and shortly after doing so I headed out for a ride: My testing ground for the new configuration was the so-called (by me) "Trails Behind the Mall." To get there via the dirt I can use the Old Croton Aqueduct... Continue Reading →

Dingle All The Way

If you've been paying attention or at least managing to stay awake, you know I've been conducting sort of a half-assed Dated Singlespeed 29er Shootout. (Though as I type that I realize I don't need to specify "dated" because singlespeed 29ers are inherently dated.) After fitting the cheap bike with a cowhide saddle and bamboo... Continue Reading →

It’s Not Complicated

As the temperature grows colder I seek warmth and respite upon the ruined carriage roads of the lower Hudson River Valley: Such seasonal detours require me to traverse irregular surfaces, and whether it's the ragged roads themselves or the act of riding a bicycle upon them, in today's parlance we refer to it all as... Continue Reading →

Volume Knobs

Back when I still had time to do stuff like spend the whole weekend driving just to ride my bike for 45 minutes I used to partake in cyclocross. While I was really bad at it, I also really enjoyed it: the races are short and intense, they test your bike-handling skills (or lack thereof),... Continue Reading →

Happy Thanksgiving!

Happy American Thanksgiving! Sorry, wrong picture: There is much to be thankful for this holiday season: family, health, you people, and of course my bicycle enablers. I am referring of course to people like Paul Johson of Classic Cycle, who will just send me a bike for no good reason. Here's one that arrived just... Continue Reading →

Singled Out

In the spirit of hard-hitting cycling journalism, I have been conducting a Dated Singlespeed 29er Shootout in which I analyze how this cheap bike: Compares to this eerily similar fancy bike: After riding them both back to back, I came to the conclusion that, well, the fancy bike is in fact better. But! Would some... Continue Reading →

Artificially Intelligent

Dontcha hate when people park in the bike lane? Me too--even when they're unloading bikes! [Disclaimer: photo is 15 years old, that bike shop isn't even there anymore.] Well, your troubles are over, because cities across America are solving the problem by committing to truly separated bike lanes with proper barriers that completely prevent motor... Continue Reading →

Stick A Fork In It

This is a busy part of the world, and much of it has been cut up by highways, but if you go over them: And under them: And alongside them: You'll soon find yourself in the woods, where you can take a break from your busy day to scamper around your bike for a bit.... Continue Reading →

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