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Getting There Is Half The Problem

Further to my last post, on Monday morning I took the Pink Meh-strosity out for a proper ride: The bike felt quick and lively, though I'm sorry to report that I've already broken my resolution and spent some money on it. Specifically, the braking surface on that rear wheel is worn to a degree that... Continue Reading →

Bringing It Back

Further to a recent post, a reader noted the Silver2 shifters I am employing on the downtube of the Normcore Bike are primarily thumbshifters: And that I could be using the more downtube-appropriate Silver1 instead: [Photo: Rivendell] "Yeah, yeah, whatever, these work great," I replied--which they do. Mechanically they work perfectly on the downtube, ergonomically... Continue Reading →

New Outside Column! And Garvel!

In my latest Outside column, I attempt to make sense of competitive garvel racing: Yes it's behind a "paywall," yes it will eventually not be behind a paywall, no I don't care if you're annoyed that it's behind a paywall, and no I do not succeed in actually making any sense out of competitive garvel... Continue Reading →

Old Yeller

Further to yesterday's post, instead of doing anything important or useful, today I spent some more time on the slightly-reconfigured Homer: I am now fully satisfied that the new bar and shifter positions are significant improvements: Though when it's convenient I will probably change at least the rear shifter back to a Silver2: It's just... Continue Reading →

Flipping Out

Way back in 1967 I started this blog to make fun of people who posted pictures of their their fixies on the Fixedgeargallery. Now it's 2020-something (I don't even bother counting anymore), and here I am posting a picture of my own son's fixie on the blog I started to make fun of fixies: If... Continue Reading →

Then And Now

Today I rode the re-cockpitted Normcore Nostalgia Bike in semi-dirtbag mode: I include the "semi" qualifier because clipless pedals really aren't dirtbag. Also, I was wearing special underwears. (It was my first ride in this particular pair, but so far I'd recommend them.) And of course I was wearing a fancy wool jersey, shown here... Continue Reading →

Getting A Handle On It

Yesterday I remedied a problem with the Vengeance Bike by changing the tires: With that bike now more or less dialed in, today I turned my attention to the Normcore Nostalgia Bike, seen here when I first took delivery of it back in April: Since receiving the bike I've made some changes here and there,... Continue Reading →

We Have Clearance, Clarence…

For many people, 2022 represented something of a return to normalcy. However, for me it was perhaps the strangest year of my life, since it was the year in which I fell for this bike: When I borrowed it from Classic Cycle solely for ironic purposes, I never expected to like it. After all, it... Continue Reading →

New Outside Column!

Here's a new Outside column about all these whosits and whatsits we've got zipping around: When I say "new" please note I mean "newly published;" I actually wrote it in like December 2021, but it's only seeing the light of day now. Supply chain issues, I guess. In the interim, The Atlantic published its now-infamous... Continue Reading →

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