Poe-tent Potables

Temperatures this past weekend were in the teens on the American Freedom Degree scale, so I kept my velocipeding offroad and extremely local:

Including a little more time on those bamboo bars from Passchier:

[This bike really needs a set of silver cranks now, I try not to be superficial but it’s preying on my mind.]

I subjected the bars to slightly more rugged terrain than I did on my first ride–though nothing rougher than the odd rock, log, or set of trail steps–and I continue to enjoy the decadent flex. In fact, between the cushy bars and the bouncy seat the bike feels downright suspended, though keep in mind I never actually ride suspension so I don’t really know what I’m talking about. Also, I did get the sense that perhaps the bars had rotated slightly during my ride:

So I snugged them up, and also actually took the time to read the torque specs:

TYPE: 22 degree

CLAMPING: Carbon fibre sleeve, 31.8mm diameter

FITTING: Tighten screws to 5Nm and redo a week later

WEIGHT: 250g or 300g

LENGTH: 650mm or 760mm

MATERIAL: Laminated bamboo

STRENGTH: Tested to ISO 4210-2:2015, Clause and 4.7.7 (fatigue and strength for commute and trekking bikes)

Believe it or not, I do in fact own not one but two (2) torque wrenches. The first is a big beam-type one I got from Sears like 20 years ago to use on stuff like bottom brackets and square taper cranks, and the second is a little 6Nm thing that came with the Renovo. So when I got home I snugged things up again with the latter tool:

Now the bars are over-torqued by exactly one (1) Newton meter, which I assume means I’m going to die.

Oh, and the Crankbrothers Stamp 1 pedals do in fact have significantly less grip than the Stamp 2s I’m using on the Jones, which is a little disappointing. So if you’re debating between the two and lots and lots grip is important to you, definitely spend the extra money for the excellent Stamp 2s. Or, you know, try something else entirely.

You’re welcome.

Alas, it’s much warmer now, but the start of a new week means it’s back to work…for you suckers, that is. I took a leisurely ride around the Bronx, swinging by ol’ man Edgar’s place:

And also visiting New York City’s only real river:

That’s right, you may think some of those other bodies of water are rivers (I”m looking at you, Mr. Hudson), but they’re actually tidal straits and estuaries or whatever. The Bronx River is the only fresh water river in the city. So you can take your marshy brackish puddle and go jump in it.

In addition to the mighty Bronx River, I also caught a glimpse of an apocalyptic future in which the last gas station on Earth has closed and desperate motorists siphon fuel from each others’ Hyundais:

Fortunately, bike share is ready to take up the slack:

As are all those other wonderful forms of micromobility:

Don’t drink and Lime:

Yes, if there’s one thing we can learn from the DOT’s pilot program, it’s that people like to dump these things on the ground and walk away:

Though I suppose as you struggle to right it you’ll have ample opportunity to read the admonition about sidewalk riding:

And no, I’m not against shared scooters or e-contraptions in general–far from it, in fact. I was the voice of reason when people thought scooters would mean the end of civilization. (Pro tip: you can never go wrong betting against the end of civilization–and even if you’re wrong nobody will survive to call you out on it!) Still, it’s hard not to notice that people treat them with about as much respect as they do a toilet seat in a sports arena.

As for me, I park my privately owned fop chariot with a bit more care:

Though that’s where being conscientious ends for me:

At least I waited until lunchtime.

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