I’m Back!

How excited are you?!?

I’d argue that even that level of exuberance is unwarranted, since when I say “back” I mean merely that I’m once again in my home and sitting in front of a computer. At the moment I’m preoccupied with the sorts of mundane household matters normal people address as a matter of course but I use as a pretense to procrastinate with regard to my normal day-to-day responsibilities, and in fact I’ve only manged one single ride since my return, that being a garden-variety ride to Central Park:

Yet not only was I compelled to share that ride via a popular cycling-oriented social media app, but I also have the temerity to ridicule others for broadcasting their own lame activities:

Sorry, I was born without a sense of self-awareness.

Though my follow-up question still stands:

If I were to have replied less smugly I’d have explained that, yes, it’s good to see where people are actually riding since it gives you a sense of whether the roads and trails are clear. (It’s also good to see what people who live in warmer climes are doing, because it allows me to continue hating them.)

Of course I do look forward to resuming a more ecumenical style of cycling soon. For example, I’d give both my earlobes for an outing on the A. Homer Hilen or a solid multi-hour ramble on the Eye Of The Tiger Bike:

But for now the trails are snowed under and the roads are encrusted in the kind of salt that eats Rivendells for breakfast, so I’m riding my Milwaukee until any of that changes:

And yes, I keep recycling the same photo, because I keep recycling the same ride, and therefore the same blog content. Jeez, it’s like that movie where that guy keeps waking up and living the same day over and over and over and over again–and that movie is of course Ingmar Bergman’s “Wild Strawberries:”


Anyway, speaking of groundhogs, this is the time of year in New York when the weather starts to weigh heavily, but it won’t be long before spring arrives in an explosion of color and sinusitis, and the cycle of life will begin anew.

Just kidding!

There’s absolutely no reason to revel in the beauty of nature and of life, because we’ll all be dead in nine years, John Kerry says so:

Never question your betters, especially when your betters ride Serottas:

Can’t offset your carbon without a little carbon:

If we actually rewarded bicycling with private jet trips we could probably eliminate private cars in the United States by the end of the year. Leaving the Hyundai parked so you can take the family to Disney in a Gulfstream would be a no-brainer even for the most avid of drivers…

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