Still Cold, Go Figure

I completely forgot to mention that Osloh is having a big Presidents’ Day Sale! Now through February 18th. That’s 25% off orders over $50 using discount code “PD21.” (See banner on right-hand side of your screen, or down on the bottom if you’re using a mobile device.) Yes, I am still wearing the Lane jeans regularly and remain very pleased with them. Also, they’ve got a new bell!

In fact I just received one, but have yet to test it. So treat yourself to some new stuff, you deserve it.

So my Wanker Account says today’s almost-but-not-quite-perfect-length ride…

…exposed me to temperatures as low as 16 American Freedom Degrees™:

Or, as this person might say, it was “hot as balls:”

[“Sixteen degrees?!? You’re lucky you didn’t get heatstroke!”]

On the Minnesota Humblebrag scale, anything in the double digits is flip flops ‘n jorts weather.

There’s also still lots of snow on the ground, so I’ve been sticking to the roads and using my Milwaukee:

I’m recycling an older photo because taking a new one would have required me to use my bare hands. In fact, I didn’t even take off my gloves when I stopped on the side of the road to relieve myself, and if you’ve ever urinated while wearing cycling tights and lobster gloves you know how awkward that can be. (Especially if you’re also wearing a lobster glove on your…never mind. You Minnesotans know what I’m talking about.)

Speaking of snow, in yesterday’s post I mentioned closed restaurants, as well as Streetsblog’s assertion that if you don’t use your car after snowstorms you don’t need it. Well, I had no intention of revisiting such mundane subject matter, but I just happened to be looking at Streetsblog today and came across this:

“Simply untrue,” really? Here’s the Wall Street Journal headline they’re referencing:

And here’s what the article has to say:

Okay, so in the Streetsblog universe, a headline that says New Yorkers want to dine out on Valentine’s Day is untrue despite clear evidence to the contrary, yet some snow on a car is all the evidence you need to declare that its owner doesn’t need it.

I hate to keep harping on this stuff, since: A) it’s boring; and II) I really appreciate Streetsblog’s dogged dedication to reporting on all the streets issues the mainstream media has either ignored or misrepresented for years. However, as a boring old fusspot who is increasingly frustrated by the manner in which seemingly every media outlet, no matter how large or small, now defaults to doctrine over fact, and to narrative over truth (or at least an earnest stab at the truth to the extent there even is such a thing), I can’t help expressing my disappointment–especially when it’s a publication like Streetsblog, which for so long has served the admirable purpose of undermining spurious narratives.

Anyway, what if all those Valentine’s Day diners finally dig their cars out in order to drive to the restaurants? I’d love to see Streetsblog’s take on that.

Finally, next week I’ll be taking my contractually mandated winter recess, so it’s unlikely you’ll hear from me (at least on this blog) until Monday, February 22nd. Until then, ride safe and Happy Valentine’s Day! Spend it with someone you love, or with your bike, or both, whatever works for you. Hopefully by then some of this snow goes away and I can get back to the business of riding lots of different bikes and dorking out over them on the Internet.


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