It’s Friday, Thanks For Reading, Now Get Lost!

It’s funny how now that the bottom has fallen out of the track bike market I kind of want one:

I haven’t seen deals this good on track bikes since before the PistaDex. I wonder if I could use the Ben’s Cycle discount code for it.

Of course pretty much the last thing I need right now is a track bike, inasmuch as I live at the top of a very steep hill and would never make it back home–though the site of a middle-aged balding guy falling over halfway up would be worth its weight in NJS bottom brackets. I guess bikes like this still tickle the same part of my brain that skateboards do. Basically there’s a whole “inadvisable wheeled conveyance” section up there that’s filled with impractical bikes, skateboards, motorcycles, and cars, and I should probably get it surgically removed before I do something stupid like break a hip or buy and old Saab.

This is a very roundabout way of saying that you should waste the rest of your Friday browsing the Ben’s site and putting that discount code to good use–and of course buy some Just Coffee while you’re at it. And if it’s still not time to punch out and you need to make like you’re working, explore the bike museum over at Classic Cycle.

Support the sponsors is what I’m saying.

Now get out of here and go for a ride.

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