Laying On Of Hands

Further to Friday’s post, in which I mentioned sponsor discount codes, Classic Cycles is getting in on the act too!

However, in keeping with the whole “classic” theme, they will be offering an analog discount code this month. Here’s how it works:

  • Go to Classic Cycles (the actual shop, which exists in three dimensions on Bainbridge Island, WA)
  • Buy something
  • Utter the phrase “Tan Tenovo sent me” as you make your purchase
  • Profit!!!

Also, while you’re there, be sure to visit my old bikes:

It is said that these holy relics have curative powers, and pilgrims report having been healed of any number of afflictions after laying hands upon them, including but not limited to: flatulence, insomnia, narcolepsy, athlete’s foot, and tennis elbow.

Skeptical? Consider that I fell victim to every one of the above upon divesting myself of those bicycles-and I don’t even play tennis! Coincidence? I think not.

Speaking of Classic Cycles, today I headed out on my “Forever Bike,” which of course came to me via that august institution:

It started raining at the furthest point of my ride and continued to do so for the duration. Not only had I opted for this bike instead of one with fenders, but I also cunningly failed to wear shoe covers, which meant that on every descent the front wheel sent a jet of cold water directly onto my right foot.

I regret nothing.

Finally, I should mention that this past weekend I did something I should have done years ago, which is join NYCMTB’s Second Saturdays Trailwork Party at Highbridge Park in Manhattan:

Highbridge is of course home to Manhattan’s only legal mountain bike trails, and is in fact one of only three legal mountain bike spots in New York City, the other two being Cunningham Park in Queens and Wolf’s Pond Park on Staten Island.

And no, Prospect Park is not a legal mountain bike spot:

Good job, bros. This is basically the equivalent of Rollerblading in a subway station.

Anyway, I brought my son with me, and together with the NYCMTB crew and a group of schoolkids armed with garbage grabbers we had the trails looking buffed in no time:

That’s no mean feat considering the staggering amount of refuse that finds its way into this park.

I’d also be lying if I wasn’t a little worried we might find a body.

Occasionally people will email me about Highbridge and ask, “So what’s the deal?” If you’re wondering I’d highly recommend hopping on your bike and joining one of these Second Saturdays. Also, there’s a pump track:

It was my first time taking my son here, and between the pump track and the compact nature of the park (and the riding clinic they offer after the trailwork) it happens to be an ideal spot for the dirt-curious city kid.

The only problem is that I really want a BMX now, and no good could come of that.

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