I’m “Pumped” For The TD Five Boro Bike Tour! (DO YOU GET IT???)

Further to my mention of the Vengeance Bike yesterday

…I of course first took delivery of it last spring so that I could exact my revenge upon the TD Five Boro Bike Tour. Well, I obviously succeeded in that regard, despite some fearsome competition:

Now it’s 2023, and I’m here to remind you that registration for this year’s ride opens on January 11th. Here is a video to that effect:

Notice I am wearing a protective foam bicycling hat as per Bike New York protocol, even while I pretend to inflate my tire:

Though I did remove it to eat my lunch, and so far they haven’t complained:

Anyway, I am planning to ride it again, though I’m not sure if I’ll ride the Vengeance Bike since I’ve already gotten satisfaction. Maybe I’ll ride an ElliptiGO, or else a fixie:

They’re both ideal for that Verrazzano descent.

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