New Outside Column!

At some point (I’m too lazy to figure out where) I promised a guide to Dirtbag Road Riding, and here it is!

I can’t figure out if a column about the road/gravel inversion that evokes L’Eroica is ironic or not, since L’Eroica is basically a gravel ride…but it’s also a road ride…but it also happens on gravel…but on road bikes…but the format obviously helped kick off the whole gravel thing.


Maybe the real conclusion to draw is that these distinctions are basically arbitrary and meaningless and riding your bike is just riding your bike no matter what you’re wearing. But if we don’t adhere to these arbitrary distinctions then all will be lost and we’ll have nobody to whom we can feel superior. And where’s the fun in that?

Aw, fuck it, I’m going to go ride a bike in jorts.

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