Wheel Hop

There’s much I appreciate about living relatively close to the forbidding Trails Behind The Mall, and towards the middle-bottom area of that list is the fact that in front of the Trails Behind The Mall there is a mall, and in it is a stylized consumer electronics retailer noted for its sleek and suppository-like packaging:

It’s also across the street from a factory that makes cheesecakes:

Who says American manufacturing is dead?

They say bicycles don’t drive commerce, but every once in awhile I go out of my way to patronize one of the vendors this mall entirely so I have an excuse to ride home via the trails behind it, and in so doing I estimate I generate as much as dozens of dollars in profit for them every year. In this particular instance I spent much more time and money than necessary in order to purchase a designer adapter I could have gotten down the street or via that online retailer named after a river, but it was well worth it for the post-purchase basket bike antics:

As well as this exotic nature sighting:

I’m talking about the frog (I thought it was a toad but someone on Strava corrected me), seen here leaping out of the underbrush as I attempted to get even closer with my combination telephone/camera:

Note how it alights awkwardly yet insouciantly betwixt spoke and valve:

It was a hot day, so perhaps the cool metal of the rim felt refreshing against its froggy crotch:

And just like that, this blog hits a new low.


Anyway, it was a nice change from the usual deer, which continue to not give a fuck:

And from the increasingly bewildering streets of the city:

Street design in this town seems to rely almost entirely on courteousness, which is like landscaping your desert home in such a way that it relies on frequent and heavy rainfall.

Good luck with that.

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