Making My Way Through Life One Gear At A Time

Happy Judeo-Christian Free-For-All Week!

[Hard to imagine a drier food than gluten-free matzoh, you might as well eat spackle. As for Easter, I’m fairly certain you don’t eat the eggs.]

Sorry for my absence, I’ve been busy observing the holidays:

Just kidding!

No, I’m so profoundly spiritual I’ve transcended mere religious ritual and can now enter into a non-denominational state of Cosmic Oneness at will…though I do require a bike in order to do so, so in that sense I have not yet managed to fully liberate myself from the material plane:

Still, I do occasionally liberate myself from gears, which is a start:

No, the reason I’ve been absent is that I was on location making another video for Phil Gaimon’s new YouTube channel…even through they have yet to “air” my first video for their new YouTube channel, probably because they finally watched the video and saw what I look like:

You can practically feel the insufferable bloviating as I waggle my shaming figure.

Additionally, I’ve also been engaged in mundane life stuff. For example, I don’t want to speak prematurely, but I do believe I may have not only successfully vanquished the Electronic Chupacabra that was preying upon THE CAR THAT I OWN BECAUSE I FINISHED PAYING BACK THE FASCIST BULLY BOYS AT THE BANK, but also restored my ability to listen to music in said vehicle through the actual speakers instead of via a Bluetooth speaker duct-taped to the dash or a phonograph plugged into the cigarette lighter. (Please note “cigarette lighter” is a figure of speech, my car is a victim of political correctness and does not have a cigarette lighter.) This is not an automotive blog, but I am always ready to discuss my journey in the comments or extracurricularly if you are experiencing similar problems. I’ll also add that, while I stand by anti-car sentiments such as this one, it’s also amazing how many smart and helpful car people there are, which is yet another reminder that nothing in this world is cut and dry. When you’re on a bike or on foot trying to navigate around that garage that leaves cars double-parked or on the sidewalk they seem selfish and evil, but when those very same people are helping you repair the vehicle you depend on in order to transport your family or get to work they seem like nothing less than divine agents. (Not that I depend on my motor vehicle to get to work–I’m a semi-professional bike blogger, I don’t even know the meaning of the word “work”–but, you know, other people do.)

So yeah, cars…can’t live with ’em, can’t shoot ’em. But they’ll make you want to shoot someone else:

Just one more reason not to confront drivers.

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