It’s Friday! Don’t Even Read This! Go Ride Your Bike!

Sorry, for my absence, things have been hectic.

Just kidding!

“Things have been hectic” is just something you say. Obviously as a semi-professional bike blogger my life is almost cartoonishly easy. For example, today my biggest challenge was deciding which bike to ride–a challenge I’m pleased to report I met decisively:

I may be 75% Mudbunion at this point, but I’ll always love a misty spring road ride, and every pedal stroke upon this bike is pure bliss. I once scoffed when people would extol the virtues of their titanium frames, but now I know that to ride one is to feel even more coddled and sated than a tick nestled in the fleece of that lamb the Virgin Mary is carrying for some reason:

As always, I stopped at my private photo booth on the Tappan Zee Mario Cuomo Bridge, and speaking of ticks I should probably check my beard for them:

My choice of arm warmers and my about-to-sit-on-the-toilet stance are probably the only thing I have in common with the Assos guy at this point:

Those arm warmers are well over 20 years old, so whatever they cost I guess they were worth it.

I’ve also been wearing those Brancale shoes I received some time ago:

They’ve been serving me quite well, though I really should complete the look with the matching helmet:

As for the ride, people have their own ideas about New York, but you could live in worse places:

As long as you’ve got a bike you’re all set.

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