Classic Cycle Thursdays! (Teaser Edition)

Classic Cycle in (on?) Bainbridge Island, WA is not only a full-service bike shop; it’s also home to one of the finest and most comprehensive bicycle museums in the world. Cunningly, I have convinced proprietor and curator Paul Johnson to let me sample some of the more beguiling bicycles in their collection on an ongoing basis. As I do, I write about them in an ongoing feature called…Classic Cycle Thursdays!

Wait, what is this? A Classic Cycle Thursdays post…on a Thursday?!? Well, don’t worry, because this is just a half-assed setup for a more comprehensive post that is still to come, but I am here to tell you that as of today I have not only received but also ridden the latest vintage velocipede from that august institution.

Now, you may remember that like two months ago I invited you to weigh in on which bike I should ride next. The choices were:

  1. A 1975 Teledyne Titan:

2. A 1995 Colnago Titanio Bititan:

3. A 1987 Kestrel 4000:

Well, in the end your vote didn’t matter–just like in real life!–because Paul made the decision himself, and this morning my wife answered the door and informed me that a “coffin” had arrived for me:

Excitedly, I spirited the sarcophagus to the basement, and upon opening it I found not just a bike but also sundry period-correct items. Quickly I assembled the bike, and as soon as I’d snugged up the last bolt I hopped on it and went for a ride.

I’ll fill you in on the rest tomorrow.

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