What Day Even Is This?

It’s getting to be like Groundhog Day at this point:

It’s getting to be like Groundhog Day at this point:

Not like I ever get tired of riding the Rivendell, it’s just that everything else is getting rather tedious.

Sure, I never went anywhere or did anything anyway, but the whole point of living in a big city is knowing there’s all sorts of stuff out there that you could be doing. Really, passing it all up is the best part; it’s like constantly waving away hors d’oeuvres at a fancy cocktail party. Now that it’s not there for me to not bother with and I can’t elect to just squander it is driving me crazy.

Meanwhile, a strange inversion has taken place wherein the city is desolate, yet when I ride I now see lots of people riding and walking in places where I typically never see a soul. I mean sure, I’m glad they’re enjoying these places, but I can’t help feeling like everybody’s suddenly listening to my favorite band. You can generally tell someone is part of the pandemic bike boom if they’re riding a 20 year-old bike in time capsule condition while pushing the biggest gear they possibly can. (Don’t get me wrong, I welcome them all, it’s just hard not to notice.) Then there are the people who clearly do ride but usually wait until April or May to get started. You can identify these riders by the fact they’re dressed for temperatures at least 20 degrees colder than it actually is, which is the sartorial equivalent of pushing too big a gear.

Honestly though, the hardest thing about all this is seeing all the people who look really awkward on their road bikes and not stopping them to lug-splain how they should be riding Rivendells.

Anyway, when I got back from my ride I saw the following comment on yesterday’s post:

I have yet to watch the actual video, but I skipped around until I found the part that pertains to me:

Here it is:

Rapha are welcome to keep the name, too:

Though of course they were offering a handkerchief as early as 2008:

Those were heady days indeed.

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