New Radio Show!

Nobody’s allowed in the studio so I stayed home and we did it via smartphone app instead:

So in other words I could have been sleeping in all this time and doing the show from bed in my underpants.

Goddamn it.

Of course I do enjoy my weekly Bronx/Brooklyn round trip, but in the meantime I’m making the best of it:

Add “pandemic bike” to the list of essential additions to your stable.

My son’s also getting some solid mileage in these days instead of stuffing his head with all this useless book learnin’:

But don’t worry, I gave him a math problems afterwards:

“Gary the Gravel Rider didn’t use enough tire sealant. He starts his ride with 35psi and immediately picks up a thorn, causing him to lose air at a rate of .25psi per mile. At that rate, how many miles will it be before he decides he needs to upgrade to a new $2,500 wheelset?”

If you’re playing at home, the correct answer is “Yes.”

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