New Radio Show, New Bike!

Yes, today’s radio show is available for your listening pleasure and/or sleep-induction needs!

The best thing about using my radio show to help you fall asleep is that, unlike powerful narcotics, it isn’t habit-forming.

Self-effacement aside, I actually happen to think this particular episode was a lot of fun, for not only did I analyze this ridiculous video:

But I also addressed this incredibly subversive article:

Shelby Fix feels like she’s losing years off her life parking her car on the streets of the Upper West Side.

“Alternate-side street parking gives me a lot of anxiety,” said the auto consultant.

She said the twice-weekly reshuffling, for street cleanings, is like a game. “Everyone has to double-park on the other side of the street, from 9 in the morning to 10:30 and sit in our car until the street cleaner comes. After it comes, there’s a rush to get back to the spot you were just in.”

Though the 27-year-old said she hasn’t been clocked for a violation in a year, she admitted of the past: “I’ve slept through alarms, and there have been times when I’ve been sick, so I just took the $65 fine.”

And now that some 400 spots have been eliminated to create a protected bike lane on Central Park West, Fix said her stress is higher than ever: “It’s unbelievable. I’ve sat in my car for an hour and a half looking for a spot.”

That’s one sorry-ass “auto consultant.” (Unless she’s advising her clients, “DON’T BUY A CAR!,” in which case she’s a living cautionary tale.) An auto consultant who lives on the Upper West Side and gets alternate-side parking tickets is like a gravel bike consultant who only rides on a velodrome and complains about the monotonous terrain.

Speaking of gravel bikes, Rivendell were doing bikes with plump tires and 650b wheels way before it was cool, and here’s my new A. Homer Hilsen in all its glory:

Rest assured a full rundown is forthcoming in due course. In the meantime, please note that I took this photo during my very first ride on the bike, and the position is very much a work in progress. Therefore, please hold your setup critiques in abeyance. Indeed, I’ve already moved the bars up and angled them down as per Will at Rivendell’s suggestion, though it will probably take awhile for me to fully relinquish my Fredly hangups, hoist the mainsail, and let the bars fly well above the saddle like a Jolly Roger of retrogrouchery.

One thing I am prepared to say in the meantime though is that I absolutely love the bike. Anyway, more to come, and if I keep riding down this route it’s only a matter of time before I start looking like the guy up there in the photo. (I think that may actually be A. Homer Hilsen.)

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