It’s Here!

…and, while I’ve barely gotten it out of the box, so far it’s spectacular:

Though I admit I half-expected it to arrive in an old steamer trunk.

By the way, just to be clear, I added the “Your Soul” part to the card. Sure, it seems obvious, but I’ve found out the hard way that Rivendell fans are gullible. For example, a few years back when I visited on my book tour I tweeted this:

I then found out afterwards that people thought I was serious.

Just to be clear: yes, Grant Petersen did meet me at my hotel in a car, and no, Grant Petersen does not drive a Ferrari. It just happened to be parked there and I thought the idea of Grant Petersen emerging from it was hilarious. If you’re wondering what kind of car Grant Petersen was actually driving, let’s just say it was pretty much exactly what you’d expect…by which I mean a vintage Ferrari:

Just kidding!

Obviously it’s the old-timey car behind the Ferrari.

Anyway, I can’t possibly be expected to stick around here when there’s a new bike to attend to–let alone one as fine as this–and so I hereby bid you a-doo.

See you back here after the weekend once I’ve got a little saddle time!

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