This past holiday season my wife got me a pair of winter cycling boots for Festivus:

While it’s not been much of a winter in New York, we have had our share of cold days, and the boots have been fantastic. In fact they’ve proven to be one of the most useful cycling accessories I’ve come across in years. I use them for all types of cycling, and I’ve spent entire days in them during which I’ve ridden bikes, walked, and even driven The Car The Bank Owns Until I Finish Paying Them Back without missing a step, and without my dogs howling in protest.

All of this is to say I’m so fond of them that I’ve written a review of them on a mainstream non-cycling website:

And if you’re offended that I’m engaging in commercialism by participating in our system of engaging money for goods and services via the Internet, well, welcome to the 21st century:

Hey, they’re great boots, but you don’t gotta buy them.

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