New Outside Column..And Exciting News! (For Me!)

Firstly, I’ve got a new Outside column, and it’s about a press event I went to a couple weeks back:

You probably know him as the former owner of Cannondale, but turns out he’s also a pretty successful basketball player, go figure.

Secondly, further to yesterday’s post, I have gleaned the following from the comment section:

  • At least one reader was chagrined that I made light of all the foot commentary. For that I apologize, and please know that when I make light of weenie-dom I am impugning myself as much as anybody else, inasmuch as I too spend inordinate amounts of time fussing over meaningless details;
  • It sounds like Honda Elements are quite reliable motor vehicles, at least according to two readers with high mileage examples. Plus, a brief image search reveals you can stuff a bunch of bikes in there:

In all, the Element sounds both durable and practical, which would explain why Honda doesn’t offer it anymore.

OK, that’s enough car blogging for now.

Thirdly, speaking of cramming lots of bikes into small spaces, I’m currently making arrangements to add yet another bicycle to my portfolio. While generally I don’t like to tease this stuff so far in advance, the truth is I’m too excited about this particular bicycle to keep quiet. If you’re wondering what kind of bike it is, I’m not telling, but I will say that it involves measuring your pubic bone height:

Judging from the video it’s also from a bicycle company that does a lot of business with Sasquatches:

What’s with all the foot content this week?

Oh sure, laugh all you want at the folksy music, and the cardboard, and the comically oversized big toes–and the word “pubic.” (Heh, heh.) But when it comes to fitting a bicycle, which is more ridiculous: jamming a stick in your crotch while you stand on an old Amazon Prime delivery box, or this?

Hey, I like road bikes and clipless pedals and all that nerdy stuff too, but I’ll choose flip-flops over face masks every goddamn day of the week:

Then again I guess I’m not “every rider.”

Anyway, I’ll keep you posted on the bike. Bear in mind it could take awhile–they said they had to special order the carbon fork and the disc brakes.

I’d better go sandal shopping now.

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