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Citi Bike:

Like any new new rider it wobbled a bit at first:

There were also those who wanted to see it fail:

And the Daily News even invented its very own Bike Snob to do a hatchet job on it:

[Bike Snob Daily News]

Nevertheless, over the past ten years its become a part of the cultural fabric of the city. People use them to run errands:

Commute to work:

And of course settle blood feuds:

They’re also a handy alternative to the subway:

Which is often delayed for some reason:

Now, ten years later, the system is adding more electric bikes:

Though for now they won’t be expanding the service area along with it, much to the chagrin of–

–John Tomac?

Wait, John Tomac lives in South Brooklyn?

No, of course he doesn’t:

Nor will the newest Citi Bikes be equipped with rear discs:

[Via Cyclocross Magazine]

Once upon a time, discs on a mountain bike meant something completely different.

Additionally, Citi Bike will start electrifying the stations instead of–wait for it–driving the fucking batteries all over the place:

Thus fueling the endlessly amusing cycle of advocates demanding more Citi Bikes then yelling at the people whose job it is service the Citi Bikes they’re demanding:

I’m still convinced that one day someone will invent a bike that doesn’t require a battery, but nobody ever believes me.

Hey, I have tremendous faith in the bicycle industry. Consider the Specialized Aethos:

A $15,500 road bike that’s “not intended for racing:”

That’s like a $20,000 TV that’s not intended for watching.

If they can pull that then they can do anything.

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