It’s Kind Of A Holiday, Let’s Watch Some Videos!

It’s one of those holidays where some people are working, other people aren’t, and you don’t know whether or not certain things are open or not, so fuck it, let’s watch some YouTube!

Here’s a video from Terry Barentsen:

As always I’m simultaneously amazed by Terry’s stunning videography skills and embarrassed by these ostensible adults terrorizing pedestrians for their personal amusement:

And here’s a video about the new Pinarello F5:

This past weekend I rode over the George Washington Bridge and along the most popular roadie route in New York, which probably makes it among the most popular roadie routes in the entire United States if not the world–so popular that on a Strava heat map it looks like an inflamed hemorrhoid in a Preparation H commercial:

As such, I had an ample opportunity to see what everyone’s riding these days, and while most people seem to be riding Specialized and Treks and Canyons, you also see plenty of Pinarellos in New York, and so when YouTube fed me this review I figured I’d watch it in an attempt to find out why:

I guess this bike is inexpensive for a Pinarello, but it still costs over $6,000. For that you only get Shimano 105, but you also get their trademark frame that looks like it’s melting, as well as these exciting little pointy things:

However, there are some drawbacks to keep in mind. For example, if you want to change the stem you’ll probably have to pay “a few hundred dollars for them to swap it over:”

Also, you have to use a saddle with a cutout to adjust the seatpost, because that’s where the adjusting bolts are:

That’s even less convenient than the Super Record seatpost on the Cervino:

Though using a saddle with a cutout does make it easier to ride with a scranial cactus:

All of this is annoying, but as the reviewer notes, “That’s where we’re at…with modern race bikes. Everything’s getting so integrated and aesthetics are so important, not only does it have to be fast but it has to look fast:”

Sure. Put that thing under me and I promise it will stop both being fast and looking fast immediately.

Anyway, the review notes that there are much cheaper plastic bikes that need to be charged in order to work:

And much to my delight they forgot to change the brand on the Canyon:

Ultimately, they conclude, it’s about paying for “heritage” or something, though even at eBay prices you can buy enough heritage to choke a horse and still have enough left over to buy yourself a modern road bike:

Fuck it, I’m renting a Citi Bike.

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