Let’s Hear It For New Standards!

***I’m on vacation, you’re not reading this, etc.***

If you’re anything like me, you’re deeply frustrated by the slow pace at which the bike industry introduces new standards:

Well, I’ve got good news for you, because here comes that new wheel size we’ve all been waiting for!

This seems pretty pointless–because of course it is–but in retrospect I’m surprised it took this long for someone to come out with a garvel-specific wheel size. So what’s the advantage here? Well, it replicates the overall diameter of a wheel with a 29er tire, or something:

Want more wheel diameter? Why not just use a larger ti–

Never mind.

Sure, this bike uses the old-timey 29er/700c wheel size and can roll over your house, but it’s not a gravel size, which makes it a non-starter.

Anyway, now that disc brakes have completely freed designers from having to consider rim/brake pad contact, expect rims to become available in 1cm increments, and for tire shopping to become like ordering new rubber for your Hyundai on Tire Rack:

Just put in the make and model of your bike and let the website do the rest.

In other news, in recent years Pearl Izumi have been kind enough to let me try various clothing and shoes offerings, and I’ve been quite pleased with them, so I’m letting you know they’re having an end-of-summer sale:

Hopefully at least some of this stuff turns out to be compatible with the new gravel wheel size.

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