WOHAB Week #5: Nevermore

Dear Loyal Readers,

School’s out this week, which means I must parent more aggressively. In turn, I must short-change you, so welcome to the Bike Snob NYC “Week of Half-Assed Blogging,” or “WOHAB.” The theme for WOHAB will be cheap-assed used bikes, and for the next five days I’ll be featuring my hastily-chosen personal recommendations, one on each day. Thanks very much for reading, ride safe (or at least as safely as you can on a cheap-assed used bike of mysterious provenance), and next week I’ll resume “MUMBOB,” or “My Usual Mediocre Brand Of Blogging.”

Yours etc.,

Tan Tenovo

PS: I know calling it “WOHAB Week” is redundant, like saying “ATM Machine,” but sometimes you just need an extra syllable.

Aaand the final pick for WOHAB Week is…


Just kidding.

And if you need to get the taste of that thing out of your mouth, just rinse with this:

The point of WOHAB Week is to find cheap fixer-uppers so I’m not recommending it exactly, I’m just posting it because I like it. In fact, I still miss the Davidson Impulse that was temporarily in my possession, though I take comfort in the knowledge that it wound up in a good home. Anyway, you could make a pretty strong argument that a bike like this represents the apotheosis of the road bike, and embodies a blend of performance, refinement, simplicity, serviceability and durability we may never see again.

Or not, what the hell do I know?

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