This Just In: TD Five Boro Bike Tour Registration Is Now Open!

As the unofficial spokescyclist of the TD Five Boro Bike Tour, I’m pleased to announce that registration for the 2023 edition is now open:

You can register for the ride here, or by clicking on the banner in the right-hand margin, or else underneath the post, depending on the type of device on which you’re reading this.

I will add that my older son and I crushed rode it last year and had a fantastic time:

I am of course a jaded and deeply cynical semi-professional blogger who’s ridden all over the world, but the ebullience of the event cut right through my feigned indifference like a piece of road debris through a cotton tire casing, and my son began expressing his eagerness to do the ride again during our post-ride Shake Shack stop last year and hasn’t stopped since. (There’s food and all sorts of stuff at the fimishing festival, but what can I say, we hopped on the ferry and went to Shake Shack.)

So we’ll see you out there is what I’m saying.

Also, Esteemed Commenter Leroy usually marshals, and if you’re visiting from out of town I’m sure he’d be happy to put you up in his guesthouse.

Actually I can’t guarantee he’d be happy about it, so best just to show up the night before with bags.

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