What’s The Big Hurry?

Rain has relegated me to the road recently:

Isn’t that alluringly alliterative?

I don’t mind sticking to the road (figuratively, not literally), since there are worse places to be on an autumn day:

Especially when the mirror-stillness of the water surface gives you twice the foliage porn for your money:

But today the sun returned, and because my time was somewhat limited I instead skipped the road bike and instead scampered off into the nearest wood for a short romp:

Alas, this woodland has been sliced and diced by highways over the years, but you can stitch it back together into a contiguous trail ride if you know where you’re going:

They say we’re experiencing a housing shortage here in New York City, but are they accounting for all the teepees native-inspired conical dwellings currently sitting vacant?

This was clearly built as an investment property, since it even has a birdhouse on top that you can rent out for extra income.

Or maybe it’s the bird who’s the landlord, I really shouldn’t assume.

Unfortunately there’s no waste removal service, so you’ll have to arrange for that yourself:

Naturally I rode my Artisanal Singlespeed, which continues to serve me well after all these years despite its lack of a self-centering steering system:

Speaking of which, this promotional video is puzzling:

For example, the first half of it shows someone riding an old mountain bike with rim brakes, which doesn’t really make the point they think it does because he seems to be doing just fine:

As for the second half of the video, I found it completely unrelatable:

All I could think of was my ride this morning, and the highway underpasses with homeless people undomiciled individuals sleeping under them, and how grateful I was even for even an hour of that. Meanwhile, here’s this hyperactive person in this beautiful landscape who seems to be trying to get it all over with as quickly as possible. It’s all so pointlessly antic, like watching a cannoli eating contest:

I’m beginning to suspect I may not be Canyon’s target market.

However, I do continue to be very pleased with Pearl Izumi’s Canyon shoe, regardless of what you may think of my MUSA pantaloons:

For that matter, the Quest road shoes have been great too.

Whatever you may think of me, you can’t accuse this poor sod of being poorly shod.

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