Leaf Springs

Further to last week’s post about the Diverge, I had no idea this was already a thing:

Incredible as it sounds, this is the sort of absurd contraption it takes to catfish a mountain biker onto a bicycle with drop bars:

Plus, they can keep wearing the same jerseys:

And using the same pedals:

Flapless Pedal [noun] : A bicycle pedal incorporating aspects of both flat and clipless pedals systems. [“Flapless” is a portmanteau of the words “flat” and “clipless.”]

Anyway, if you act now, Niner will include a free tailgate pad with your purchase:

Because the last thing you should ever do is attempt to ride a drop bar bicycle on the road.

But hey, I realize not everybody has cultivated the level of sophistication one needs to appreciate the very finest in late-’80s road bike meh-xotica:

Or the skill it takes to ride 23mm tires on wet leaves, let alone on a bicycle without front or rear suspension:

Yes, it’s a feat of daring and bravery that requires a light yet confident touch, like performing surgery, or like walking a ferret:

In this litigious age, it’s incredible that something so narrow is even legal. (A 23mm tire, that is; ferrets of course are still illegal in New York.)

The trees are currently resplendent in their autumn finery:

And, like the exuberance of spring, it’s both delightful yet depressing, since it’s as beautiful as it is fleeting:

Get out there while you can, it’ll be road salt season before you know it.

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