Looking To Discover The Hudson Valley? There’s A Ride For That!

Yesterday I mentioned a video I’d be sharing shortly, and here is that video:

While my unkempt appearance is more likely to frighten you away, the video is intended to promote Bike New York’s Discover Hudson Valley ride on June 26th, and I can tell you firsthand that it’s pretty darn nice up there:

You’re probably admiring that seriously awesome bike and wondering to whom it belongs. Well, it’s mine, silly! But that other one on the right belongs to the filmmaker, Terry Barentsen, who’s going to be riding it across the country and livestreaming it any day now:

Terry and I have worked on a few videos together now, including one in which I attempt to articulate my feelings about foam bicycle hats:

In fact, I see ironists in the comments on the Discover Hudson Valley video already noting that I’m wearing a helmet in it, as if that makes me some sort of hypocrite. I mean yes, I am a tremendous hypocrite, but not because of the helmet. The fact is, the ride requires helmets, Bike New York asked me to wear one in the video, and I readily obliged. Also, they were troubled by my helmetless Rivendell lane-splitting in our Five Boro Bike Tour Video, which is why Terry titled it thusly:

By definition, signing up for a ride or a race means you’re going to follow the rules of that ride or race, so insisting on not wearing a helmet in a video for a ride that requires a helmet seems like showing up at a velodrome and demanding that you be allowed to ride with a freewheel and a derailleur. Plus, I’d think my clown shoes and ill-advised tattoo would be more tempting targets:

That and the Trek, obviously.

Anyway, having reconnoitered the course I can certainly vouch for the ride, and I’ll most likely be doing it myself so if you decide to register (which you can do here) I’ll probably see you up there. Just look for the dirtbag in the clown shoes.

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