Twiddling My Thumbies

Further to Friday’s post, the rain continued through most of the weekend:

Though I didn’t mind the excuse to ride my be-fendered RockCombo, which has come together quite nicely, and which, despite being merely an asterisk* in the Specialized product line, has proven to be anything but an evolutionary dead end:

Also continuing to evolve is New York City’s electric vehicle charger pilot program, but unlike my RockCombo you can see they’re still a long way from dialing it in:

Sure, the other charger’s available, but why use that when you can park on the sidewalk next to someone with the same car?

I guess it’s worth the ticket, too, since the driver has been doing this since last September:

If only the city were as fastidious about its streets as I am about my Platypus:

As the skies finally cleared yesterday evening I took a little sunset cruise in order to fine-tunetthe positioning of my new thumb shifters. First I tweaked the angle of the lever until it was just where I wanted it, only to find that at the extreme end of its throw it was hitting my grip:

So I repeated the ride-stop-tweak-ride cyclne until there was no interference in any gear combination and the lever position felt natural:

I think I’ve got everything where I want it now, and I’m also quite fond of that second pair of grips, which are perfect for climbing and for spirited head-down charges:

You haven’t felt fear until you’ve seen me charging at you on a snot-green Platypus.

I’m so pleased with the thumb shifters that I’m almost tempted to try relocating the ones on the Homer, though I think this particular handlebar is best left as uncluttered as possible:

Speaking of snot green, the world is currently coated with a layer of pollen, and my sinuses have shifted mucus production into the big ring:

Finally, with the financial markets in disarray, I’m pleased to announce that my plan to drive up the value of vintage bonded aluminum bikes may be about to pay off:

At this rate I’ll be set for life in no time.

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