New Outside Column!

It’s Monday, isn’t that fantastic?!? To celebrate, here’s a new Outside column by cycling’s preeminent writer, Jörs Trüli:

Disclaimer #1: I know this dropper post win happened like a million years ago in Internet time, but it took them a little while to publish it, then I didn’t realize they had until this past weekend;

Disclaimer #2: I did not choose this photo:

Admittedly I haven’t been following pro cycling very closely in recent years, but as far as I know this is the most suggestive victory salute since Mark Cavendish in his prime, whose endlessly inventive celebrations included the “Package Presentation:”

As well as the “Nipple-Thumbing Phone-In:”

Honestly I’m surprised the UCI hasn’t banned victory salutes along with the Super Tuck–which is a controversial descending technique and not, well, this:

Though it does look uncannily like a pantsless victory salute.

In other news, the Canti Freds were out in force in the comments section last week, presenting their geometry charts and brake-splaining diatribes with an utter lack of modesty that was the very polar opposite of the genital tuck you see above. Yes, there are certain subjects you can count on to send bike dorks into a didactic frenzy, and cantilever brake set-up is one of them, so I was not surprised to see people thrusting their metaphorical members at everyone on the subject. And as far as my own bike and the newly-installed cantis thereon, I’m pleased to announce I’ve ridden the bike extensively since then and the brakes are performing wonderfully:

I even successfully utilized “one-finger braking,” despite the fact that some claim cantilevers are not capable of it:

I do find the preoccupation with one-finger braking to be ridiculous, especially given that if you double your digit application your’e still holding three digits in abeyance. We need one-finger braking like we need one-toe pedaling. I suppose this attitude is a carry-over from the motor vehicle world, in which any car that requires you to do more than tap the gas pedal is now considered “underpowered”–which would explain this:

The driver must have had the car in “Irony Mode.”

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