Hear Ye, Hear Ye, It’s A New Outside Column! (Because it’s about sound. Get it???)

I have long contended that the sound a bicycle or component makes plays a significant role in informing your perception of how it performs–as much or even more than “important” stuff like frame material, tire casing, and of course the specific modulosity of your crabonular matrix. Alas, I’m far too lazy to look up where exactly I have articulated this contention. Therefore, I’ve instead gone on record by articulating it in this Outside column:

And hey, check out Larry on the Riv!

For those of you under 40, that was a joke, all bikes looked like Rivendells back then.

And yes, you have to be a member to read the column, but you might as well join if you haven’t already, since Outside owns everything now and at this rate you’ll have to pay them a subscription fee just to inflate your tires.

You want free bike content, find some crappy blog or something.

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