Well I’m back from Thanksgiving “vacation,” and yet I feel more burnt out than this Crown Vic:

Actually, I think that’s a Mercury Grand Marquis. Also, I’m not feeling burnt out at all, I just wanted an excuse to use that photo.

I did do a fair amount of driving though, with my pre-Thanksgiving post very much in mind. You may recall that in said post I mentioned this:

Well, for the three other people who also like to obsess over getting around the New York City metropolitan area, the Streetsblog editor did end up taking the train, and he even tweeted the whole thing:

In all, it sounded pretty awful, though I certainly doff my cap to him:

Even in some sort of fantasy post-Build Back Better utopia I’m not sure public transportation between a residential part of Brooklyn and a Connecticut suburb could ever reasonably be expected to approach the convenience of driving. For the car-free or car-averse Thanksgiving traveler facing such a journey the best solution is probably to suck it up, split the difference, and take a taxi or similar hired vehicle to Grand Central. Anyway, while we all have our preferred modes, the truth is that travel is a rich and complicated mosaic, especially around the holidays, which is why they made a movie about it:

He should have taken a Citi Bike.

Meanwhile, the weather this past weekend brought us rain and even snow flurries, which made me feel unduly smug about having curated my winter bike in time for it:

I also got to experience one of life’s greatest pleasures, that being riding a singlespeed mountain bike in Cunningham Park, Queens (the world’s greatest place to ride a singlespeed) as snowflakes fall audibly on a carpet of dead leaves:

I’m also reasonably sure riding a singlespeed mountain bike is contributing to my tendonitis, but hey, no bike is perfect.

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