Lock It Or Lose It

Remember how I was working with cyclist/filmmaker Terry Barentsen on some videos for Phil Gaimon’s new YouTube channel? Well that channel has since gone the way of downtube shifters so the last video we made got orphaned, but now it’s up on Terry’s own channel in all its informative glory:

As you can see, I’m about as photogenic as I am street smart.

As for the featured velocipedes, you’ll note the American M-16 that has since gone back to Classic Cycle:

The State Core Line fixie:

Which is now my older son’s track bike:

And of course the Brompton:

I’d also like to add a production note to underscore how good Terry is, which is that this part where I’m walking down the street pointing out stuff you can lock your bike to is all one shot:

It’s like riding a technical section of trail without putting your foot down, or the bike video equivalent of that scene in “Goodfellas” wehre they arrive at the Copacabana through the kitchen, whichever works for you.

One other production note: if you’re wondering how I got three bikes to downtown Manhattan, the answer is I drove them down in THE CAR THAT I OWN OUTRIGHT BECAUSE I FINISHED REPAYING THE FASCIST BULLYBOYS AT THE BANK.

Disclaimer: No bike lanes were blocked for the production of this feature.

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