A Short Yet En-Deer-Ing Post Before The Weekend

It’s Friday and about to drop into the weekend like an olympic skateboarder, but before I do I’d like to address the following comment:

Indeed it is, and while I didn’t encounter any at the velodrome on Wednesday, I saw at least two this morning. There was this one:

It scampered off as I passed, and the foliage partially obscuring its visage only enhances the nonplussitude:

Then there was this one, who was gnawing at its nethers in a nonplussed fashion:

As for the bike, I may not be an extreme rider, but I am a rider of extremes, so after riding around a paved oval on a bicycle with 19mm tires I opted for the least track-like bicycle I own:

I’m pretty sure the Boost spacing alone is wider than the sprinter’s lane on the velodrome.

Okay, now go ride your bike, and may any deer you encounter be suitably nonplussed.

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