River To Sound Via Rivendell

Well, the week got away from me like a fish in knee-deep water. Speaking of which, remember how I went for a swim a couple weeks ago?

Well, I did it again today, but with a few crucial differences. For one thing, I rode my Platypus, and for another I had company:

Also, we set up on the rocks like I did last time, but this time the park police kicked us off and made us sit on the sand:

Oh, and this time I wore a bathing suit instead of my fancy wool underwear…which turned out to be a good thing since, having been ejected from my rocky redoubt, I’d have been forced to sit out in the open in my fancy wool underwear.

But some things remained the same. For example, the Tex-lock came in quite handy again:

As you can see, it’s long enough to lock up two bikes. (Sure, not the wheels and stuff, but good enough for the boardwalk.)

Also, the Bronx remains where shared vehicles of all kinds come to die:

And yet there’s no place I’d rather be, go figure.

(Actually there are plenty of places I’d rather be, at least on a temporary basis. Like a fancy resort with one of those swim-up bars. But you know what I mean.)

Anyway, don’t let me keep you, it’s Friday, and there’s still plenty of time for a ride in certain time zones.


Tan Tenovo

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