Talking Turkey

The holiday weekend is upon us, but before I go I will conclude my tedious examination of New York State Department of Motor Vehicle registration quirks by sharing the most diminutive “SUBN” vehicle I’ve found to date:

It is a Chevy Aveo, it is tiny as fuck, and I have no idea why it gets the “SUBN” sticker but, say, a Honda Fit does not.

And that’s the end of that.

In other news, I am also remiss in sharing this video of an elegant mother turkey with her adorable baby turkeys:

A baby turkey is apparently called a “poult,” which sounds cute, until you consider they will eventually grow up to be poultry:

It’s as tragic as it is delicious.

You could say the same thing about life, come to think of it.

Have a great long weekend, and ride early and often.

Yours etc.,

Tan Tenovo

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