New* Outside Column!

I’m pleased to share a new* Outside column that is the very quintessence of retrogrouchery–which is to say it’s a guy with like 10 bikes bragging about how “austere” he is because he doesn’t currently have a bike with Di2:

[I actually wrote it like a year ago but it’s new to you so there.]

Just kidding!

Wait, actually I’m not kidding, that’s probably a pretty accurate assessment of nearly everything I write.

Anyway, they say by the time you’ve got your second Rivendell you’ve already reached Peak Insufferability, and I’m inclined to agree:

I certainly do feel like I’m riding on a rarefied plane of existence when I’m astride the Playtypus, and it’s certainly more relaxing than being stuck in traffic behind the SS Serenity Now:

Though I admit the presence of the whimsically-named boat did make it somewhat more bearable.

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