New Outside Column! (Plus Old Bikes!)

So how do you know when we’ve returned to normal? Sure, fans returning to stadiums and people bellying up to crowded bars are all good signs, but you’ll really know we’re back to a ho-hum state of normalcy when I start flogging Outside columns again

Oh, hey, look at that!

New Bike Snob columns in Outside and the return of random shootings?


In other news, my older son and I recently received a pair of vintage track bikes courtesy of Classic Cycle, so yesterday we loaded up THE CAR THAT THE FASCIST BULLY BOYS AT THE BANK NO LONGER OWN BECAUSE I FINISHED PAYING THEM BACK and took a family trip to Kissena Velodrome in Queens, New York, USA:

I can’t prove this is the first time a Rivendell has plied the velodrome, but absent any evidence to the contrary I’m going to go ahead and say that it was:

It felt great to trot around the track on the Fiorelli:

But the real reason we were there was so that this guy could experience the Frejus in its proper context, and he took to it right away:

Not only did we represent the full spectrum of wheel sizes, but despite our best efforts we also managed not to take out any of the trackies who were there doing their workouts, so all in all I’d file that outing under “success:”

A velodrome, mountain bike trails, miles of beaches…Queens really does manage to outdo itself sometimes.

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