Feeling Flat

Spring’s exuberant palette is on full display, and I am adding to it not only with the neon hues of my Eye Of The Tiger Bike:

But also with my psychedelic clown shoes:

Sadly the rest of my haberdashery was considerably more subdued, because something like this really would have tied it all together:

Sorry, I’m still learning how to dress properly for bicycling.

Speaking of casual attire, I recently mentioned I wrote myself a prescription for flat pedals due to a sore knee, and I continue to adhere to my heath care provider’s orders:

As far as “performance” or whatever you want to call it, obviously the difference between using flat pedals and clipless pedals on terrain like this is roughly zero:

It’s a little different once you hit the Trails Behind The Mall, where the difference is far more noticeable:

As I’ve remarked before (though I can’t be bothered to figure out where), it’s ironic how clipless pedals are associated with “serious” cycling, when in fact they’re basically training wheels that allow you to ride without ever having to figure out how to do basic stuff like bunny-hop or lift your rear wheel up without being attached to your bike. Riding over roots and rocks reminded me just how badly my sneaker-riding skills have atrophied since my youth, though the drops did afford my feeble wrists and hands a decent amount of leverage:

Anyway, it’s amazing how something as simple as changing what type of pedals you use can make riding a bike feel totally new. I really should follow my own advice more often.

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