Classic Cycle Thursdays!

Today’s weather forecast had “Fuck off for a ride” written all over it, so that’s exactly what I did.

Nature is very good at cleaning up after itself, and now pretty much that all that snow we got this winter has finally melted and rejoined the water table I figured it was finally time to get back on the “Eye Of The Tiger Bike,” a.k.a the 1989 Specialized RockCombo from Classic Cycle:

Here’s that commercial again, in case you forgot what this bike is all about:

You may recall that the RockCombo was sporting its original tires, the knobs of which were threatening to detach themselves from the casing like candy buttons from the paper onto which they were dolloped:

Therefore, this morning I finally replaced them with the WTB All-Terrain tires I’d been using on the American M-16 before it received its holiday season upgrades, and I was pleased to see they fit in the frame with plenty of room to spare. In fact, I didn’t even have to move the Shark Fin!

I knew it was a bit early in the season yet, but I couldn’t resist seeking out some dirt:

Like the column in the subway station with the “Wet Paint” sign on it that you lean on anyway, it was a bit tacky in spots, but dry enough that I remained clean and left little trace of my recklessness behind.

Further north I took the old rail trail into Nyack, which was even drier–less recently-painted subway station column, more pair of jeans that aren’t totally dry but certainly not worth putting back in the dryer:

You know, just a little dampness around the seams here and there, but otherwise moisture-free.

From this trail you get a sweeping view of the mighty Hudson and the Tappan Zee Mario Cuomo Bridge that spans it:

Say what you will about our current governor (“What an asshole” always works), but thanks to his pet project at least it’s now possible to ride a bicycle across this bridge. Sure, the path is closed at night (and when it’s windy or rainy or snowy), and yes, its hidden structural problems do make it a poignant metaphor for his career. Still, by allowing me to do a nice long loop like this–with dirt on either side of the river, I might add–it’s improved my own life considerably, and in the end my happiness is all that matters.

Oh, its observation decks are also my own personal photo booths:

Sweet Fancy Lob, what a mess I am. Just call me Old Man Mudbunion.

As for the tires…

…between the extra volume and the structural integrity they’re just what the RockCombo needed:

Add disc brakes and a single-ring drivetrain and this thing is totally the new Mudbunion.

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