This Friday Came Right Outta Nowhere!

Hi, remember me?

Sorry for the prolonged absence (which you probably wouldn’t even had noticed if I hadn’t mentioned it), but I’ve been busy. For one thing, I had to get a decent ride in before the snow hit:

It takes work and dedication to own a fleet of bicycles–well, for you it does. For me they just kinda fall from the sky like gluten-free manna from Heaven. Nevertheless, the effort involved in making sure the tires on all my bikes are inflated optimally at all times is well worth it, since when your riding life is one big hoedown and you’re constantly sashaying from partner to partner you fall in love with each one all over again. In this case, I rekindled my relationship with the Jones LWB, and between the cavernously wide gear range and the voluminous rubber I was floating up and over everything and sticking to the trails like pubes to a bar of soap.

Speaking of overcooked similies about bike equipment, Bicycling were kind enough to ask me to write something this week. I’m always grateful when an esteemed publication stops by my artisanal prose studio and orders some bespoke content, and wisely they did not ask me to review any bicycles or components…because, you know, pube similies. What they did ask for was a look at what Pete Buttigieg’s nomination for Secretary of Transportation might mean to cyclists, and here it is:

Please note the “Revitalizes Muscles” graphic is a banner ad and not something cyclists should expect to happen with them if and when Buttigieg becomes Secretary of Transportation, but those algorithms are getting pretty effective so you never know.

Meanwhile, in more Bike Snob Industries media news, this morning I was on the Weather Channel for like two minutes with Stephanie Abrams, who was once the victim of a tragic fat bike crash:

We talked via Skype (remember Skype?) about riding in winter, if there’s a link to it anywhere I have no idea where to find it, and when I finished my wife asked me who I was yelling at, because apparently I talk very loudly. (I’m deeply self-conscious about sounding like an NPR host so I guess I overcompensate.)

I really should fire my media person.

Finally, as we teeter apprehensively towards a Pando-era Christmas like a Weather Channel anchor on a fat bike, I’ll subtly direct your attention to the banners in the right-hand margin, or at the bottom of your screen if you’re on the terlet and reading this on a mobile device. I’m very grateful for the support of all these enterprises, especially now, and if anything intrigues you go ahead and indulge yourself, it’s the holiday season, you deserve it. I’ll remind you that if you order a Walz custom cap the custom component is free if you use the discount code “BSNYC.” I’ll also note that Soma Fabrications has a new banner showcasing their handlebars, and after tweaking the cockpit on the American M-16 I’m wondering why the hell I didn’t go with these instead:

Another project for another day.

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