This Just In: New-To-You Outside Column!

Good morning!

We’re closing in on winter up here in the good hemisphere, so consider this column by Jörs Trüli your annual reminder to embrace the cold rather than fear it:

Also, while this freshly-published column may be quite timely, it is in fact “new old stock” in that I wrote it before Outside discontinued my column–though Outside themselves may not realize it’s been discontinued, so perhaps I should pull a Costanza and just keep showing up:

I can’t decide if their reply is a compliment or a self-own, but either way I better get to work on that moon landing story!

Oh, and before you point out stuff like “Zwift is really fun!,” “I live in Buffalo/Canada/[insert Lob-forsaken snowhole here] and riding inside is all I’ve got,” etc., please note that the column is not meant to be taken literally, it refers to any manufacturer of dairy products:

Conversely, while you’e more than welcome to reply with a “Minnesota Humblebrag” such as, “Who needs riding inside? It was so warm here in the Twin cities yesterday that I rode without my eletronic beard defroster!,” please be aware that we see right through you:

Lastly, I notice that in the aforelinked post I mentioned Walz Caps, so I’ll take this opportunity to remind you to head over there and build a custom cap for yourself or someone you love!

Use discount code “BSNYC” and the custom add-on is free.

For a background image, I recommend icicles.

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