Classic Cycle Thursdays! (Vintage Titanium Epilogue Edition)

It’s Friday!

Also, in news that may not give you cause for rejoicing but certainly does me, I got some more clothes from Pearl Izumi!

As I quipped on Twitter, I subscribe to a “Ride More Do Less” philosophy myself. But while I may disagree with the label, it’s probably smarter of them to market to the sorts of Type A go-getters who actually do stuff when they’re not riding, because those are the people who tend to have money for bike clothes. It’s kind of ironic that everyone seems to want to send me fancy clothes at the moment given my slothful and slovenly nature, but it’s also highly fortunate because otherwise I’d be looking decidedly “Derelicte.” And if some new clothes can make this dirtbag look halfway decent just think what they can do for you–so maybe it really is brilliant marketing in their part.

Anyway, I havent spent much time in these garments yet, so I’ll report back once I have.

In the meantime, I should update you on the Teledyne Titan from Classic Cycle:

Having had it since July, I figured it was time to return it, and I resolved to take it out for one final ride. Alas, it then rained for like a week straight, and I wasn’t going to put this exquisite museum piece through the ringer like that, so instead I just packed it up and sent it back to Bainbridge Island. This was a bit of a cop-out on my part, because I never did get around to trying the bike with the vintage computer Paul from Classic Cycle had included:

Plus, I never rode in that period-correct Brancale helmet, either:

Though in my defense the helmet was too small for me (I have a giant head, both literally and figuratively), and I really didn’t want to have to take this plastic chum bucket off 20 minutes into my ride and/or or wind up giving myself a tremendous headache.

Nevertheless, simply mentioning the helmet did net me a pair of sweet roadie shoes:

In fact I wore them today, so that’s got to count for something.

Still, even though I bailed on the farewell ride, I did spend a decent amount of the time on the Teledyne whilst it was under my auspices. While I would certainly describe certain aspects of the ride as “disconcertingly noodly,” overall it was a very pleasant and comfortable bike, and like my Litespeed I found that every time I returned to it after a protracted absence I found myself sighing with pleasure in the way you do when you lower yourself into a hot tub. They’re both really smooth bikes. Of course, the big difference between the Teledyne and the Litespeed is that the Litespeed doesn’t feel squishy when you get out of the saddle on a climb, nor does it experience extreme derailleur rub under those circumstances. Even so, I’d say that despite the age difference between them they’re more similar to each other than, say, the Litespeed is to my plastic Specialized–which I rode today, and which, despite being a very snappy road bike, just doesn’t quite “have it” in the way these other bikes do. (Though it’s still a lot of fun in its own way, mostly because lightweight road bikes are always fun.)

Also, as I’ve noted before, despite the “high” gearing on the Teledyne I never felt overgeared on steep hills, and I can’t rule out the possibility that there was some extreme Jan Heine-ian “planing” happening. Of course, while the bike was geared high by modern standards, it was actually geared quite low for a 1970s-era road bike, and even had a 28-tooth cog. Here’s a closer look for all you freewheel Freds:

In any case, farewell Teledyne. I’m expecting another shipment from Classic Cycles soon, and I’m fairly confident in saying you’ll never guess what it is. I’ll keep you posted.

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