Decisions, Decisions

As I mentioned in my last post, I recently undertook a whirlwind of bicycle maintenance, during which I tuned up two (2) bicycles. Since then, I’ve discovered that one of those bikes is still not even rideable yet. Moreover, I have still more bicycles I haven’t even touched yet, and most of them also require varying degrees of attention.

Indeed, this very morning, I decided to head out on my Jones LWB, which I last rode for my maiden voyage across the Tappan Zee Mario Cuomo Bridge:

I should add that this is a crucial period in my riding season, for it’s when I start auditioning bikes for my end-of-summer vacation. The Jones is a front-runner, and I wanted to ride it this morning to confirm whether I wanted to commit to it for the duration of my getaway.

Alas, though the Jones had been in perfectly good working order the last time I’d ridden it, this morning I was surprised to find that the chain had seized. While I certainly don’t remember putting the bike away wet, it was clear the chain needed considerable attention, if not outright replacement. Moreover, I then realized it’s been a over a year since I first took delivery of the Jones, during which time I’ve done nothing to it beyond converting the wheels to tubeless. Ultimately, it looks as though the Jones may need the sort of thorough going-over I won’t be able to give it before departure time, and so reluctantly I may need to pass it over once again.

Of more immediate concern however was this morning’s ride, and so after a quick change of shoes I headed out on the A. Homer Hilsen:

Having been in Lycra mode as of late, the Hilsen’s combination of road bike liveliniess and sit-up-and-beg comfort felt like that much-needed beer you crack after a hard day. I was also sort of wearing Lycra (more of a jort-and-Lycra hybrid ensemble), and sartorial inconsistencies aside, it didn’t feel as weird with the Rivendell as I thought it would; in fact it didn’t feel weird at all.

Having brought this bike with me last time I went away I’d been leaning towards bringing something else. But the goddamn thing’s just so freaking comfy and versatile, and I was just so pleased with it last time, I decided the obvious choice was to bring it again I could do some more of this:

Something else I’ve realized during this most recent stretch of Lycra riding is that the years are beginning to exact a toll upon my body. Sure, I’m a terminal Fred, and for that reason you’ll probably have to pry my drop bars from my cold, dead hands. At the same time, those hands are beginning to experience more discomfort on longer rides, which is something that just doesn’t happen on the Rivendell. So I need to embrace the fact that, for me anyway, a future involving more time on wide, swept bars attached to a quill stem as tall as a flagpole in a city park is inevitable.

As for the ride itself, it was rather delightful, though there were a fuckload of downed trees:

Anyway, choosing a vacation bike is hard work. Now you can see why I need a vacation.

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