Have A Great Two-Day Period Between The Tattered Remains Of What Used To Be The Work Week!

As I mentioned yesterday, here’s my son’s birthday present, which I ordered from Ben’s Cycle:

Please note those are interim pedals owing to the fact that the manufacturer packed it with two right pedals. I’ll fit proper BMX platforms in due course. Handlebar position and saddle height are still works in progress (I admit to being puzzled by the vestigial saddles on modern-day BMX bikes and don’t know how high or low they’re supposed to be) but after a quick spin he had a big smile on his face and that’s what’s most important.

In a way BMX bikes have changed quite a bit since my day, but in another more fundamental way they really haven’t.

Anyway, ride safe this weekend, and go ahead and order yourself a BMX bike from Ben’s Cycle if you feel like it. You deserve it!

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