Bye Bye Tresca!

It’s always a sad day when a bird flies the coop, and today I bid adieu to the Tresca:

At the moment the bicycle is at a bike shop, where they will place it inside a box in preparation for its return journey overseas.

It’s been awhile since I’ve written about this bike, and quite frankly the reason for that is because it’s been quite awhile since I’ve ridden it. The idea of a purposeful aluminum road bike with a threaded bottom bracket and rim brakes very much appealed to me, which is why I agreed to test it. However, while I did enjoy riding it (with the exception of the time I raced on it, it rarely called loudly enough to me to choose it over the titanium, steel, and plastic bikes that comprise my own Fred Bike Fleet. On top of this, Fred Bike riding currently composes a much smaller slice of my own personal cycling pie chart, since with all the races cancelled and the whole family at home I generally wake up, slip on some jorts, and then cruise around on the Rivendell for a bit before putting on my parenting gloves.

Always wear safety gloves when handling cobras. That way, when they bite you in the face, at least your hands will stay clean.

Oh, and my assistant just handed me that pie chart I just mentioned, along with my coffee:

Hopefully that clears everything up for you. Join me for a Zoom meeting on Monday morning where I’ll present a 20-slide PowerPoint presentation on Lycra/Jort Synergy.

You can probably tell I haven’t had a real job in over 10 years.

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