Are We Still Pretending Weekends Are A Thing?

It’s been a rainy week, and I owe a special debt of gratitude to my heroic rain bike, the Milwaukee, for carrying me through it:

If you’ve got a stimulus check burning a hole in your jersey pocket it could go a long way over at Ben’s Cycle, I’m just saying. (Ben’s Cycle is where Milwaukees come from, of course.) And don’t forget to use that discount code.

Speaking of the Milaukee, apart from some the usual consumables (tires, chains, that sort of thing) it’s currently equipped exactly as I received it back in April 2015:


That’s the bike as it emerged from the box almost exactly five years ago. (Happy birthday, bike!) Yes, it does have a Cambium there, but it came with the plastic saddle I’m currently using. And yes, I still find Cambiums to be exceedingly comfortable, but the plastic one is better when it’s wet–because it’s plastic.

By the way, not only was April my Milwaukee’s birthday, but today is the first day of May–which means it’s National Bike Month!

Sorry, so far I gotta say that this Bike Month sucks ass. Oh, sure, most of the cars may be gone, but so are all the jobs, which is why Bike to Work Week is now happening in September:

I guess they figured having what’s left of the workforce pedal stationary bikes while holding their Zoom meetings didn’t exactly scream, “Yay, bikes!”

Also, Bike to Work Week now starts the day after the Tour de France:

Following the President’s address on Monday evening, where large-scale events were banned in France until mid-July as a part of the fight against the spread of COVID-19, the organisers of the Tour de France, in agreement with the Union Cycliste Internationale (UCI), have decided to postpone the Tour de France to Saturday 29th August to Sunday 20th September 2020.

Initially scheduled to take place from the 27th June to the 19th July, the Tour de France will follow the same route, with no changes, from Nice to Paris. Over the last few weeks, there has been constant communication between riders, teams, the organisers as well as other relevant third parties all with the support of the UCI, who are responsible for arranging a new global cycling schedule, in which the Tour de France takes pride of place.

This means any Tour de France riders also taking part in Bike to Work Week will be really tired, allowing you to “Cat 6” the shit out of them. This also means the organizers did not take my advice, which in turn means they’re fucking cowards.

Yeah, whatever. Good luck with your little “bicycle race.”

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