New Outside Column!

As a long-time recluse I take riding alone for granted, but I also know people who avoid doing so at all costs, and if you’re one of them maybe my new Outside column will help:

Even I, seasoned solo rider that I am, find myself appreciating it anew during these pandemical times. For example, this morning I worried that my bib shorts were too transparent, until I realized that thanks to social distancing nobody’s allowed to get close enough to see my ass crack anyway. So while my life may be drastically curtailed in other respects, at least I’ve effectively doubled the usable outdoor life of my cycling wardrobe.

Speaking of this morning’s ride, conditions this morning were quite lovely:

At first, when everything suddenly ground to a halt, I told myself I’d wake up super early every morning and crank out lots of miles. However, since then I’ve more or less decided “Fuck that,” and instead I head out at a more civilized hour for shorter and more relaxing jaunts:

All these restrictions are really getting to me though:

Still, while humanity hunkers inside, nature is tuning up for its vernal symphony, like an orchestra about to play to an empty auditorium

As is the Tour de France:

For the time being, the 2020 Tour de France remains on the calendar, with the Grand Départ scheduled for Nice on June 27. France has over 29,000 confirmed cases of Covid-19 and is currently in a state of lockdown, but sports minister Roxana Maracineanu this week floated the idea of the Tour going ahead without spectators.

They’re totally going to hold the Tour on Zwift this year.

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